Cat adds nine generator sets

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Suitable for standby applications

Caterpillar announced the launch of nine GC diesel generator sets, adding models to the upper range of its power solutions that are suitable for medium to large stationary standby applications.

The nine new models that are now available include three models from 1250 to 1500 kVA for 50 Hz applications worldwide, three models from 800 to 1250 kW for 60 Hz applications in North America, and three models from 800 to 1250 kW for 60 Hz applications outside of North America.

Targeted primarily at the global electrical contractor market, Cat GC generator sets are designed to simplify the specification process and significantly reduce quoting and delivery times while helping to meet tight budget requirements. Select models with generally specified powers and configurations are in stock at major Cat dealer locations for immediate delivery.

Caterpillar is adding nine power nodes to its Cat GC diesel generator set offering up to 1250 kW and 1500 kVA.

“The positive market response from electrical contractors and other customers to our Cat GC models validates the performance, value and convenience these generator sets offer,” said Jaime Mineart, general manager, Caterpillar Electric Power. “By adding nine new power nodes to the Cat GC range, we’re extending the suitability of these reliable, competitive power solutions to additional medium to large standby applications.”

Cat powered Cat GC generators are designed for a wide variety of standby applications, such as:

With the new offerings, the full range of Cat GC diesel generator sets now includes:

21 models with ratings from 33 to 1500 kVA for 50 Hz applications worldwide

22 models from 40 to 1250 kW for 60 Hz applications in North America

18 models ranging from 30 to 1250 kW for 60 Hz applications outside of North America.

Each Cat GC diesel generator set includes Caterpillar’s standard two-year standby power solutions warranty and can be equipped with Cat Connect Remote Asset Monitoring, which provides data visualization, reports and alerts accessible worldwide through an easy-to-use web interface or app.

Caterpillar supplies innovative drive systems that are designed for durability, reliability and value. The company provides worldwide product support with parts and services available through Cat Authorized Service and Dealers. In addition, dealer technicians are trained to provide a full range of maintenance and service options to help customers optimize the total cost of ownership of Cat equipment.