Carthage Veterinary Service Swine Conference announces new location

The Carthage Veterinary Service’s 31st Annual Pig Conference will be held on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, in person and at a new location in Quincy, Illinois.

The US pork industry continues to be fast-paced with changes in foreign animal disease risk, export opportunities, alternative protein competition, animal welfare expectations, husbandry technologies, health challenges, and customer expectations. The conference continues to be unique in that it features quick action-oriented speakers and topics specifically designed for zookeepers, managers, owners and allied industries. With over 700 participants it is a place for learning, meeting and networking.

Presenters will address the challenging work situation and share best practices for recruiting, onboarding and retaining employees to support all levels of your business. In addition to exchanging best practices on work management, the participants learn more about Prop 12 and what it means for companies as well as how to optimize feed costs in the increasingly dynamic grain markets.

The afternoon keynote features a series of quick production tips shared directly by some of the best production minds in the business. Ideas and suggestions are shared by a combination of independent manufacturers as well as large integrators on how to optimize the performance of their farms and systems.

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