Caring Michelle is the cat’s whiskers

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Michelle Street with Jez, from Shropshire Cat Rescue

Shropshire veterinarian Michelle Street shares her knowledge and experience of cat behavior to prevent cute kittens from turning into feral cats when they visit the vets.

Cats are great pets because they are loving and playful, but going to the vet for routine or emergency treatment can make them feel stressed, which can lead to aggressive behavior.

Michelle, who works at Quarry Veterinary Group in Shrewsbury, studied cat health, welfare and behavior for a year and received her Certificate in Cat Nursing with Honors from the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM), the charity’s veterinary division, receive international cat care.

Passionate about cats, she is happy to advise Quarry Vets clients on the health needs of their pets and how to reduce their stress levels, both at home and during visits to the vet.

The practice on Brassey Road has separate waiting areas for cat and dog patients and ensures treatment rooms are quiet to prevent cats from becoming anxious. For inpatients who have to stay overnight, the practice’s cattery offers a comfortable and cat-friendly environment.

Michelle Street

Michelle said, “When a pet visits Quarry Vets, we want them to be as happy and relaxed as possible. Studying for the certificate has enabled me to learn a lot about the behavioral traits of cats and how they should be treated to reduce their stress levels.

“Cats are very different from dogs because they are not used to being brought into new environments, and going to the vet can be very daunting for them. For this reason we are always very patient with cats and give them the time it takes to find out if everything is okay, then it will be a much nicer experience for the cat, the owner and the veterinary team.

“There are many things we can do to help cats feel happier, such as: I always advise owners to get their cat used to the transport box at home so that they don’t just associate it with a visit to the vet. “

Michelle has always loved animals but became a fan of cats when she joined Quarry Vets in 2017 and started spending more time with the purring pets.

She runs general health care and weight management clinics to help cat owners keep their pets happy and comfortable, and helps care for cats for the Shropshire Cat Rescue charity.

Michelle added, “Cats are such wonderful creatures and I love being able to help their owners give them the best quality of life possible.”