Captive cat, gallivanting goat, lacking mutt | San Juan County Sheriff’s Log

This week’s sheriff’s log contained several incidents related to mental health problems. They were not listed below because of their sensitivity. If you or someone you know is having trouble, please call Compass Health at 360-378-2669 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

The San Juan County sheriff’s office responded to the following calls.

April 14th

• A Lopez MP responded to a report that a Lopezian had received a call from an unknown source asking for his Medicare information.

• A San Juan MP issued a quote from a driver for operating a vehicle without insurance.

• A San Juan MP stopped a driver for using a cell phone and driving to the left of the center. The driver was given a quote for using a personal electronic device while driving.

• A San Juan MP retrieved a dog belonging to a hospitalized Friday Harbor resident from the Anacortes police force and turned it over to the animal welfare society until it could be found by the owner.

• A San Juan MP responded to a report of suspicious behavior regarding a missing dog. The dog could not be found, but its collar was found. A squatter on the property denied knowing the dog’s whereabouts.

• A Lopez MP stopped a driver accelerating on Fisherman Bay Road near the village and gave them a quote for driving 15 mph above the stated speed limit.

• A Lopez MP gave a quote to a fast moving driver for driving 19 mph over the speed limit posted on Fisherman Bay Rd.

• A Lopez MP received old shotgun ammunition from a Lopez resident for safe disposal.

• A San Juan MP reported an animal that was in a vehicle while the owners were in a hotel. When confronted by the hotel staff, the owner became aggressive and left the hotel. The deputy located the couple and gave them a note of debt for the hotel.

• An Orcas MP stopped a driver on Olga Road near Moran State Park and issued a quote for accelerating 47 mph in a 25 mile zone.

April 15th

• A MP answered a phone call about a theft near Eastsound.

• A person in San Juan who did not volunteer for a prison term was located and detained.

• San Juan MPs responded to an invitation to enter unwanted people. The parties involved received warning letters about violations and explained the laws about violations.

• San Juan MPs responded to a civil dispute.

April 16

• A San Juan MP documented a report of fraudulent activity with no financial loss.

• A Lopez MP was sent to report on firearms noise, found the area was clear, and advised the reporting party on firearms regulations in the county.

• A Lopez deputy was sent to check on a roaming horse. The horse had disappeared from the location described, but had left evidence at the scene. The horse’s owner was contacted and a broken fence was repaired.

• San Juan MPs responded to an ongoing CPR. The subject was taken to the hospital.

• An MP in San Juan was contacted by someone who wanted to take pictures of her face. Photos were taken and included on the file along with a large number of documents provided relating to a civil issue.

• A Lopez representative was sent to check for possible roaming of the vehicle and learned that the owner had found the missing item.

• San Juan MPs responded to a call from the Supreme Court and escorted a recalcitrant citizen out of the building.

• A Lopez MP did a social exam and found the person to be fine.

• Lopez MPs gave two drivers a ticket for not wearing their seat belts and one was verbally warned for failing to sign his vehicle registration document.

• An Orcas MP responded to a complaint about a missing cat. Although the person in possession of the cat does not appear to have had any criminal intent, the applicant was advised to request the return of the cat.

• Lopez MPs twice issued high-speed drivers in quotes from Fisherman Road for driving 27 km / h over the limit.

17th April

• A San Juan MP gave a quote to a driver for not stopping at a stop sign and several warnings for not having insurance.

• A San Juan MP cited a driver for lack of insurance and expired registration over two months.

• A Friday Harbor MP stopped a driver for speeding and gave him a quote for exceeding the specified speed limit.

• A San Juan MP contacted a driver who was reported to be driving under the influence of San Juan. Following an investigation, the driver was arrested for a DUI and taken to the sheriff’s office and processed.

April 18

• A Lopez MP checked the village for a suspicious man investigating closed shops. As soon as the man was contacted, the MP found that nothing criminal had happened.

• A San Juan MP gave a quote to a driver for driving 54 mph in a 25 mph zone on Roche Harbor Road.

• A Lopez MP answered a call to an animal at large. There was a loose goat in the street that had already safely returned to its owners’ property when the deputy showed up. However, the owner received a warning.

• A deputy gave drivers on Lopez quotes for speeding, one for driving over 32 km / h above the specified speed limit. another passing for 14 mph.

• An Orcas MP received a report on the threats made. The person who received the threats did not want to bring charges but wanted the incident to be documented.

• A San Juan MP conducted a death investigation.

• In Friday Harbor, an MP was contacted about trespassing. The proxy turned to the owner of the property, who requested that a warning letter be issued for violations. The deputy has delivered the letter.

20th of April

A driver on Lopez received a quote for driving 15 mph above the speed limit posted on Fisherman Bay Road.

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