Cape Coral neighborhood caught in canine poop dispute

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. – An argument broke out in a Cape Coral neighborhood when someone walking their family dog ​​failed to catch the havoc their dog wreaked on an vacant lot.

The altercation between neighbors did not become physical, according to an incident report from the Cape Coral Police Department. However, experts said the frustrations in the stool could lead to a health risk.

Melanie Waite is the operations manager of the Cape Coral Animal Shelter. She said if an owner doesn’t ingest the dog litter, it could be tracked on another dog’s paws or swallowed.

“People don’t pick it up, your dog steps in, goes home and starts licking their paws like they usually do,” Waite said.

Waite added that feces could lead to disease.

“Dangerous diseases like parvo are transmitted through feces and parvo could be fatal,” Waite said.

The droppings can also pose a human health problem if left in a yard or on the street for too long.

“When the rain starts, it will wash away and end up in our drainage systems and on our waterways,” Waite said. “If you swim in your lake or the ocean, you can swim in dog poop.”

North Fort Myers residents like Laura Esters say she even picks up other people’s dog poop when she sees her dog Scrappy is safe.

“If I have a bag or two, I’ll pick up someone else who refuses because it’s just not healthy. “It’s very rude of people not to be able to do that, so I’m trying to set an example,” said Esters.

The Cape Coral Animal Shelter says dog owners need to keep an eye on their dogs and make sure they are aware of their shots to avoid health complications.