Canine with critical well being situation deserted

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LUCERNE COUNTY, PA. – Margaret Bart, the founder of Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge, was broken when she found out. The dog was found abandoned in Lucerne County’s Back Mountain and in urgent need of veterinary attention.

We blurred photos because of the dog’s graphic nature, but rescuers tell us she was found with a severely herniated uterus.

“It’s just sad that this dog is a cute dog and she didn’t deserve this to happen and in fact we found out it had happened to her before, so she should have been spayed and it never would happened, “said Bart.

Blue Chip founder tells Newswatch 16 that the dog was found by park rangers in Frances Slocum State Park walking down Carverton Road in the cold.

“To just let a dog go in such conditions, she would have died if she hadn’t been treated,” added Bart.

Bart tells Newswatch 16 they think they know who dumped the dog and are working with the park rangers to see what can be done.

With no surgeons available in our area, Bart had to take the dog to a veterinary clinic in Allentown.

The cost of surgery to repair the dog’s uterine prolapse and neuter it is over $ 5,000.

Bart says this instance teaches any dog ​​owner or potential dog owner two lessons:

First, it’s important to spay or neuter your pets to avoid possible health problems.

“We have two inexpensive spay and neuter centers nearby so you can spay or neuter a dog for $ 50 to $ 60. So there’s no reason for people to own a dog and not have it spayed or neutered,” said he beard.

Second, never give your pet to strangers for free.

“We found the original owner. They reached out to us and she gave it to someone who then gave it to someone else, and the problem is people don’t research who to give it to,” Bart explained.

If you want to learn more about how you can help that 3 year old boxer mix called Sage, you can visit Blue Chip’s website.

If you want to learn more about inexpensive options for neutering and neutering pets, please visit the Luzerne County’s SPCA website.

Or learn more about the Eastern PA Animal Alliance.