Canine who arrived with two damaged legs to SCRAPS heads to WSU for main surgical procedure

When a 1-year-old “angel” dog arrived at a Spokane shelter on Friday with two badly broken legs, a veterinarian informed the shelter that he could be operated on or knocked down, according to a regional animal welfare service for Spokane County. SCRAPS) press release.

SCRAPS, a nokilling shelter, decided to have the dog, named Butch, undergo major surgery at the Washington State University Veterinary Hospital on Monday.

The government home is soliciting donations to fund the operation, valued at $ 8,000-10,000. According to a Facebook post, the shelter received donations totaling $ 8,908 on Sunday.

“Sticking to this (no-kill) ideology has saved thousands of lives in recent years and has given Butch every chance at recovery, restoration of health and happiness,” the press release said.

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