Canine well being caravan promotes accountable pet possession

PAMULINAWEN FESTIVE FOR DOGS TOO. The fur parents Alma Yanos and their Oreo, Twixie, Macaroons, Sugar and Habibi are coming to Laoag City’s dog health caravan on Saturday (February 20, 2021). The event aims to promote responsible treatment of pets. (Photo by Alaric Yanos)

LAOAG CITY – Pet owners gathered here at Aurora Park on Saturday to promote responsible behavior while receiving free veterinary advice and rabies vaccination services.

Organized by the Laoag City Government in collaboration with the Top Breed Dog Team and the Ilocos Norte Dog Owners Association, the Dog Health Caravan is part of the Pamulinawen Festival held every February.

In recent years, Laoag residents have adopted dogs and cats. Pet shops and veterinary clinics have also sprung up.

Laoag Mayor Michael Keon keeps four dogs in his home in Barangay Calayab.

To date, the official Facebook account of the Ilocos Norte dog owners’ association founded in January 2019 already has 3,100 members.

To highlight the caravan, a dog paw fashion show was held on Saturday at 5 p.m.

There are cash prizes, freebies, and special prizes. The categories are open to small, medium and large dogs.

Criteria for the assessment are stage projection, 50 percent; Costume design and creativity, 40 percent; and audience impact, 10 percent. (PNA)

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