Canine Takes Cat to Be part of Household Photograph in Lovable Video Shared on Social Media

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An adorable video on social media shows the moment a dog snatches a cat to join a “family photo”.

The clip shows three Golden Retrievers relaxing on a staircase. At the top of the stairs is a cat named Xiaobao.

When its owner is ready to take a picture of the animals, one of the dogs grabs the cat and brings it next to the other two Golden Retrievers. The owner then tells the dog, “Put it down.”

The three dogs appear to be posing for the picture with their tongues out, and the cat standing in front of them is not looking directly at the camera.

Before taking the photo, the person filming the clip says, “Xiaobao, look at the camera.”

The dog in the middle then places its paw on the cat as if it were a real family portrait, with the animals looking at their owner after the snapshot.

TikTok user dannerchen01 shared the clip yesterday titled “When You Have a Very Smart Golden Retriever”.

The video went viral and viewed by over a million people on TikTok.

It also received more than 12,000 comments on the social media app.

One person wrote, “The cat really said, ‘I haven’t signed up !!!”

Another user added, “The one sibling who hates family photos.”

Another comment: “My mother pulls me out of my room to take a family picture.”

However, some people expressed concern about how the dog is dragging the cat down the stairs.

One TikTok user said, “This is terrible. The dog has the cat on its neck. Not cute or funny.”

Another added, “Poor cat, you control too much.”

In a similar video that dannerchen01 posted on TikTok, the cat voluntarily goes down the stairs to take a picture with the three dogs.

When the owner tells the cat to “sit properly”, the cat does so and the four animals look into the camera at the same time.

The social media user wrote in the headline: “A group of cats and dogs who can understand their master.”

In other cute animal news, an elephant was filmed playing cricket with a group of men in an Indian village. A clip of a cat massaging a sheep went viral on Facebook this week. And another fun video on Twitter shows a meerkat on a turtle.

Some pet owners choose to challenge the old adage “fight like cats and dogs” by bringing the two species together.

Although their relationship can be rocky at times, many people manage to raise the animals without any problems.

According to Dog’s Health, one of the easiest ways to make sure cats and dogs get along is to adopt them when they’re both young.

The website also states that the animals need their own space “to be comfortable and safe” as well as their own food to ensure they don’t steal lunch or dinner from each other.

It adds that if there is already a cat or dog in the house, who are used to having their own space, adopting a new pet could be more difficult and potentially lead to fights since the existing animal is considered to be the house sees his own. “Domain.”

If so, Dog’s Health suggests introducing the new pet gradually to avoid discomfort and to ensure the two animals can adapt to each other.

An archive photo of a Golden Retriever and a British Shorthair lying on the grass. Video of a dog dragging a cat down the stairs to take a family photo has gone viral.
chendongshan / Getty Images