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Kimberli Weeks loves running and loves dogs. So Weeks took both of their passions and combined them into a unique business in San Diego.

The Fittest Dog is dedicated to the regular exercise of dogs to keep them happy and healthy while providing security to owners. Weeks is not trying to end the time-honored tradition of walking your dog. She just believes that most dogs need more than a leisurely stroll.

“You need to take your dog for a walk. I can’t stress this enough, but extra exercise means your dog lives longer, has a better life, your veterinarian bills are lower, and it is vital for dogs to exercise,” Weeks recently said NBC 7 in between to take dogs for half-hour runs.

In addition to improving your dog’s fitness, Weeks uses running as a tool to help dogs who are scared, scared, barking, or aggressive towards other animals and people.

“People don’t see any mental benefits in dog running. They calm down and become better, truer versions of themselves, ”said Weeks.

Weeks has seen countless examples of where their efforts have changed the lives of dogs and their owners. One in particular, she recalled, really showed that her company was providing valuable service.

“It wasn’t long before the dog owner came to me crying and I saved her dog by running. The dog regained its self-confidence and stopped barking. Then I knew that this was something different and very special,” said Weeks.

Over the years, Weeks has helped all types of dogs and owners, but in some cases, like Susanne Stanford’s golden Labradoodle name Sheba, this becomes something bigger, more personal.

“She is my best friend, my unconditional love, she is everything to me,” says Stanford when asked what Sheba means to her.

For years Stanford and Sheba took three miles of walks every day, but Stanford can’t do that anymore because she calls some “bad things”.

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“I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy and multiple operations. I went into stage 4 kidney cancer and also managed to fall on my head and have a stroke so that I ran out of energy. I don’t really go from the couch to the bathroom without getting out of breath, “Stanford said.

Despite her poor health, Stanford was concerned about Sheba and turned to The Fittest Dog and Weeks.

“I called her and said, ‘Help! ‘Since then she’s been running Sheba five days a week. “

Sheba may look like a princess, but she runs like an animal. For Stanford, one of the best parts of her day is when Weeks brings Sheba back from her run.

“Sheba runs in as if to say, ‘Hey, we did it! Then she crashes and is out for a while,” Stafford said.

Stanford is 79 years old and struggles with a long list of health problems. He still has a colorful personality, and Sheba’s running helped keep Stafford in tune through the troubled times.

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The strongest dog helps pets in other ways too. Take for example:

Years ago, Sheba was attacked by a small white dog. Every time Sheba saw a small dog, she tried to attack that dog, her owner said. But Weeks worked with Sheba to calm her down and contain this mode of attack.

“The difference is amazing. She’s happier, I’m happier, and all the little white dogs are happier, too, “Stanford said.

Kimberli Weeks and The Fittest Dog are helping little white dogs and any dog ​​or dog owner in need, one dog at a time.

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