Canine lacking for 2 months is reunited with household

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Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania (WNEP) – If 2-year-old Sandy could talk, she would likely have the full story to tell. This young golden retriever had been missing since Thanksgiving. She was recently reunited with her family in Tobyhanna.

“Everyone kept the faith and told me that if I stayed positive, she would return home,” said Kaitlyn Kolinsky, Coolbaugh Ward.

The great escape went like this. Sandy’s owner Kaitlin Kolinsky says she was at a dog park in Coolbaugh Township when Sandy heard a noise she didn’t seem to like from the nearby skate park.

Sandy started with her leash, which was still tied to her. The family searched for days, put up flyers and contacted missing animal organizations.

Last week Brian Neipert, who lives in Tobyhanna, found Sandy. He had seen the missing flyers and looked for her in November, but thought she was long gone.

“I was working and came out of my garage. I heard a dog bark. I thought it was a fox or a coyote. It wasn’t like that, well, it wasn’t because I heard a bark. I got some flashlights and went and looked and it was stuck under some trees, its leash got stuck. I think it was there since it was lost or shortly after it was lost, ”said Neipert.

Sandy was found not far from where she had run away in the woods. When she was found she was dehydrated and thin, but don’t worry, she is gaining weight again.

“My heart sank. I was such that it can’t be real. Even when she got home I figured this wasn’t real, it couldn’t be and there is no way she is here right now. She got all of her cuddles, also gave her two months worth of kisses and cuddles. She’s doing really well, ”said Kolinsky.

Kolinsky says while excited to have Sandy back, she is especially grateful that she was found earlier this week before the big blizzard.

“I think it would have been the worst time for her if she had got stuck in this snow,” said Kolinsky.

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