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By Isaac Ray

Through our joint efforts with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to provide updated information to residents, this is a summary of the crimes and arrests in Tamarac through May 24, 2021.

Heavy attack

W Commercial Blvd.

On May 18, a suspect aimed a gun at the victim and threatened to shoot him. Suspect identified by photo array.

Animal bite

Woodmont Avenue

On May 21, a dog broke out of a vehicle and tried to attack another dog in the parking lot. A male spectator tried to prevent the dog running free from biting another dog held by its owner and was bitten in the process. The dog held by its owner was also bitten.

Car theft

Melaleuca ride

On May 18, a black Toyota Camry was stolen from the resident’s driveway.

Bakers Act

4601 NW 31st Avenue

On May 21, a 25-year-old man behaved erratically, running around jumping in and out of traffic on Commercial and NW 31st Avenues. He seemed disoriented and said he had a device that would destroy him and wanted to go to the hospital. He was Baker Acted and transported to a medical center by law enforcement.


Woodmont Way

On May 19, BSO met with a victim who called because her brother tried forcibly to break into her home after he was kicked out and pushed the victim out of the way and briefly held her.

Rock Island Road

On May 18, BSO met with a caller who said that one of their employees had been mistreated on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.

Burglary transportation

NW 51st St.

On May 22nd, the victim reported that a stranger on the passenger side had unlocked the door to his 2019 Volkswagen Passat. The suspect stole a bag of books that was left clearly visible in the passenger seat. The bookbag contained a 13 ″ Apple Mac Pro for $ 1,200 and an older Apple Watch for $ 40. Total Loss: $ 1,290.

Burglary building / structure

NW 57th century

On May 21, a pressure washer was stolen after a possible subject forced entry into a storage unit. Total Loss: $ 700.

Burglary residence

NW 80th Avenue

On May 22nd, a suspect broke into the home through the victim’s back window. The victim signed a law enforcement waiver.

Criminal nonsense

NW 78th avenue

On May 19, the side mirrors of a Chrysler Sebring were damaged and the vehicle was encrypted. A possible one Suspect is the victim’s friend.


NW 54. Ln

On May 21, the reporter deliberated during a verbal argument. The suspect lunged at him with a knife.

Found object

8601 W. Commercial Blvd – Tamarac Community Center

On May 13, two “Gucci” wallets were found empty behind the community center and transferred to the district office of the BSO Tamarac by a city employee.


S Devon Dr – Kings Point

May 14th A resident was the victim of a $ 1,960 computer / phone fraud. The money was transferred through a local bank; The recipient bank has been blocked.

5040 block of Island Club Drive

On May 16, the victim had to file a complaint with the police for a refund. Total Loss: $ 1,960.

Woodlands Boulevard

On May 21, the victim wanted to document unauthorized transactions on her credit card and, in the case of unknown requests, on her credit report.


W Commercial Boulevard

On May 15, a complainant informed a friend / acquaintance that he had re-established his trading company without his consent to use the tax number.

Cassia terrace

On May 18, the victim announced that the driver’s side window of her Blue 2012 Honda Odyssey was broken while driving on NW 82nd Street.

W Commercial Boulevard

On May 22nd, the subject repeatedly phoned a caller at her workplace, yelled at her, and then immediately hung up. This has been an ongoing issue in the past few days.

5400 block white oak Ln

On May 22nd, BSO registered with a resident at that address about a scheduled gathering for their unauthorized business at that address.


University of Dr.

On May 18, an elderly woman tried to put food in the back seat of her vehicle. A male wearing a red jacket and mask pushed the female to the ground, stole her purse, and fled. Total Loss: $ 30.

Missing person

9900 block from NW 77th St.

A missing person was reported on May 19.

Suspicious incident

7100 block of Wisteria Way

On May 18, an unidentified man in a red shirt, blue shorts, black sandals and glasses set a bottle on fire. No damage.

NW 84th Street

On May 22nd, a man with mental illness left photos of himself as a child and flowers on the porch of the caller’s home. The mentally ill person made a brief appointment with the caller, but she hasn’t seen him in two years.

Theft / bike

University of Dr.

On May 22nd, the victim’s black bicycle was stolen by an unknown suspect outside the town.

Theft / shoplifting

W Commercial Boulevard

On May 18, two unknown suspects were arrested on security video surveillance cameras investigating $ 383.06 worth of products. Both suspects left the store without paying for the stolen items.

W Commercial Boulevard

On May 20, suspects entered the store and took away 12 cans of Inflator, 10 single packs of solid black and solid white CottonNet T-shirts, three Cascade Action liquid soap packs, four Pennzoil Plat fit and three Gain liquid soap. The total value of the goods is $ 273.68 and left the store without paying.

5900 block of Madison Avenue

On May 20, the victim called BSO and stated that McKenzie Kendrick tried to buy a 2014 Jeep Compass for $ 23,473.36 by using the victim’s personal information without her permission or permission.


Darville, Nelson D. (BM, 32) was arrested on May 19, 2021 for an arrest warrant / crime Battery (dom strand) on NW 57th Ave Tamarac.

Simmons, Raymond (BM, 64) was arrested on Woodmont Way, Tamarac on May 19, 2021 on charges of Touch Or Strike / Battery / Domestic Viol.

Hobbs, Tvika Shawanda (BF, 40) was arrested on May 20, 2021 for Grand Theft Motor Vehicles on W Commercial Blvd, Tamarac.

Saint Louis, Volvins Widmick (BM, 27) was arrested on May 23, 2021 at 6998 W McNab Rd / NW 70th Av, Tamarac, on charges of Dui Alcohol or Drugs 1st offense.

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