Canine Ban Reversed At Picaroons

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The dogs can come back as long as they are on a leash.

The banning of dogs at the Saint John and Fredericton sites in Picaroon following a public health complaint sparked a firestorm of backlash on social media.

Picaroon published on its social media pages on Friday that dogs are no longer allowed into their facilities following a complaint from a customer to Public Health.

A petition The institution against the move brought in more than 5000 signatures.

In a social media post late Tuesday afternoon, Picaroons announced that “an agreement has been reached and dogs are now welcome back to Picaroons facilities”.

The company is grateful for the “online support” and thanks Public Health and Public Safety for “working with us”.

Dog lover! We are pleased to announce that dogs are now welcome back to Picaroon’s establishments according to the same guidelines as before. Thanks for the support and to the NB Health / NB Public Safety staff for working with us. Glad to have our backpack back!

– Picaroons (@picaroons) May 4, 2021