Canadian firm baggage first federal license for CBD vet medication

NettaLife claims to have received the first approval for a cannabidiol (CBD) veterinary drug as a pharmaceutical product.

The company has received approval for its NettaVet 10% CBD formulation for pets in Uruguay. The specific indications for the product were not disclosed.

NettaLife is an animal health and nutrition subsidiary of RAMM Pharma – a Canadian specialist in herbal cannabinoid medicines. NettaLife received a license for NettaVet 10% from the Uruguayan Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MGAP).

RAMM stated that NettaVet 10% is “clearly different from other commercially sold products” because the latter are usually dietary supplements or nutraceuticals that have not been subjected to any stability, efficacy or other testing by a health authority.

The production and commercial sales of NettaVet 10% are expected to “begin immediately”. NettaLife is in the process of obtaining approval and registration for additional formulations of the product. It has also initiated clinical trials to evaluate the effectiveness of its NettaVet cannabinoid formulations for pets in “treating various pathologies in animals.” NettaLife has been developing NettaVet CBD veterinary products since 2018.

The company believes that NettaVet products offer a “natural, holistic medical alternative to pet care” and “can provide therapeutic results for diagnosed conditions such as idiopathic epilepsy, canine lymphoma and anxiety without the negative side effects of traditional veterinary drugs.”

NettaLife said, “CBD is known to be a very well tolerated drug and nutraceutical that does not cause harmful side effects. In addition, it is believed that CBD-based products will not harm the kidneys, liver, or gastrointestinal system. This business area will use RAMM’s pharmaceutical know-how synergistically to further advance the development of its products, which are to be launched from 2021. “

Australian company CannPal Therapeutics expects the DermaCann nutraceutical to improve skin and health function in dogs to launch in the CBD area for dog animal health this year. The company is also developing CPAT-01 for pain and inflammation in pets, with a focus on dogs.

CannPal is to be taken over by compatriot AusCann Group. Through the transaction, AusCann will acquire 100% of the CannPal shares for approximately A $ 17.5 million (USD 12.9 million). The transaction is expected to maximize R&D in all animal and human health development programs and provide CannPal with access to resources to advance its pipeline and growth goals.

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