Canada’s Ontario province to require vaccine certificates

“I know that we have to do that now in view of this fourth wave,” said Ford at a press conference.

First of all, residents show a PDF or a printout of the vaccination certificate they received with the COVID-19 vaccination, along with a government-issued ID such as a health card with a photo or a driver’s license.

The province is expected to roll out a system in late October that will send everyone a QR code attached to their vaccination certificate. An app is also being introduced that service providers can use to scan the QR codes as proof of vaccination.

“We didn’t mean to,” said Ford. “This is a serious step that we do not take lightly. I know this is going to be very difficult for some people.

“This is a temporary tool that we won’t be using any longer than necessary. These certificates are necessary to protect our hospitals and to avoid further blocking. “

British Columbia, Quebec, and Manitoba have also implemented some sort of vaccination certificate program.

In Ontario, the certificate is required for access to restaurants and bars, night clubs, meeting rooms such as banquet halls, gyms, sporting events, casinos, concerts and theaters.

The requirement does not apply to outdoor facilities, with the exception of outdoor nightclubs.

Individuals who are medically exempt from COVID-19 vaccination and those under the age of 12 can access settings that require a vaccination card without receiving the vaccinations.

Vaccination status does not affect a person’s ability to receive necessary medical care, groceries, basic medical care, or other essential goods, nor does it affect a person’s ability to vote in the upcoming general election.

As of Tuesday, 76.4% of eligible Ontarians had received two doses of COVID-19 vaccines, or approximately 67.7% of the total Ontario population.

On Wednesday, Ontario reported 656 new cases of COVID-19 and 13 deaths.

Provincial Health Minister Christine Elliott said 504 of the new infections occur in people who are not fully vaccinated or have unknown vaccination status.

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