Canada’s DMV Veterinary Centers Deploys 8×8 Contact Center for Microsoft Teams to Meet Rapidly Increased Customer Demand

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CAMPBELL, California – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 8×8, Inc. (NYSE: EGHT), a leading provider of integrated cloud communication platforms, today announced that DMV Veterinary Centers, 24-hour emergency and specialist animal hospitals and service providers across Canada will be providing 8×8 contact center for Microsoft Teamsthat is certified by Microsoft. The 8×8 cloud customer loyalty solution enables DMV to meet the increasing demand for veterinary services and improve the customer experience for pet owners.

The tight integration of 8×8 Contact Center with Microsoft Teams was a turning point for DMV Veterinary Centers as it provides advanced omnichannel contact center capabilities to quickly resolve customer problems in its four veterinary centers in Canada. For example, owners who call about their pets during busy times are efficiently routed to contact center agents, resulting in shorter waiting times. Alternatively, callers can get a call back without losing their place in the call queue, and owners with pet emergencies can get instant instructions via SMS.

Last year, the number of animal adoptions in Canada rose 50 percent, and the sudden surge in pet ownership meant DMV had to meet growing veterinary requirements, including a 60 percent increase in urgent calls. This surge in phone traffic from 50,000 owners and hundreds of veterinarians put a heavy strain on their existing technology resources, creating inefficiencies and bottlenecks. DMV’s old telephone system did not allow callers to be prioritized or provided data on individual agent performance, which made improving the customer experience a challenge. In addition to handling calls, agents sent 10,000 appointment reminders via SMS every month.

DMV was already using Teams to collaborate and, with expert advice from the trusted IT consultancy Solulan, opted for the 8×8 Contact Center for Microsoft Teams solution to improve the customer and employee experience so that agents can quickly connect with other team-capable experts Connect and work with them to solve problems faster.

“We urgently needed to reduce call waiting times and automate manual tasks to better serve our customers and provide the best possible care for their pets,” said Noël Grospeiller, vice president, client and employee experience at DMV Veterinary Centers. “DMV Veterinary Centers looked at several offers and only 8×8 had the contact center solution and automation capabilities, complete with the Microsoft Teams integration, that we were looking for. The cloud-based solution has the advantage that it helps us to eliminate infrastructure costs and maintenance; it also means that our agents can work from anywhere. ”

DMV also wanted to extend the benefits of 8×8 XCaaS ™ (eXperience Communications as a Service ™) by using the 8×8 CPaaS SMS API to automate and embed SMS notifications into workflows without changing the software. With these CPaaS capabilities, DMV can quickly implement new communication options, eliminate manual tasks, and save agent time.

“Businesses with high customer traffic need a reliable, integrated contact center and communication system that enables employees and agents to work efficiently and quickly,” said Ken Berryman, chief sales officer at 8×8, Inc. “8×8 Contact Center for Microsoft Teams, together with 8×8 CPaaS enables the DMV Veterinary Center to work seamlessly in teams and at the same time improve customer loyalty. Your specific business needs include creating critical call flow structures, reports, and analysis that allow DMV to focus on its core objective – pet care. ”

“With the surge in calls from pet owners, the DMV Veterinary Center needed a comprehensive, easy-to-implement contact center solution that was integrated with Microsoft Teams,” said Rija Raharinosy, vice president, Sales & Alliances, Solulan. “With 8×8’s industry-leading loyalty and CPaaS solutions, we knew DMV would benefit from easily managing call flows, monitoring agent activity, and saving time by automating digital communications.”

8×8 Contact Center is available on its own or as part of 8×8 XCaaS, which includes fully integrated, cloud-native contact center, voice, team chat, video conferencing, and CPaaS-embedded communications and APIs in a single provider solution. 8×8 XCaaS is based on the resilient, secure and compliant 8×8 eXperience Communications Platform ™, which offers the highest level of reliability and the industry’s only financially secured, platform-wide SLA of 99.999 percent for an integrated cloud UCaaS and CCaaS solution.

About DMV veterinary centers

DMV was founded in 1993 and is now one of the largest specialist and emergency veterinary practices in Canada. DMV employs more than 500 people and veterinarians. Every year our passionate teams ensure high quality care for more than 50,000 furry friends and their families. DMV constantly strives to innovate in the high quality specialist veterinary services, 24 hour emergency care and telephone support to assist pet owners and furry friends in extraordinary situations. DMV Veterinary Centers are still 100% owned by Canadian animal health experts and every member of the DMV team works to fulfill this simple mission: we strive to contribute to animal welfare. We go out of our way to provide you with first-class care.

About 8×8, Inc.

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