Can Dogs Eat Acai Berry? Are Acai Berries Safe for Dogs?

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You may be wondering about the effect of acai berry on your dog for a few different reasons. Maybe your dog accidentally ate them, or you’d like to share some of your healthy creations.

In recent years, this berry has become all the rage among foodies, but can dogs eat it too? After all, it has numerous health benefits for humans. Is it safe for our beloved pups to consume while we participate in the craze?

Unfortunately, the short answer is no; acai berry about as unsafe for dogs as chocolate. In fact, both of these foods contain the same compound that’s toxic to dogs.

While this has been documented by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), you should always confirm dietary concerns for your dog with a trusted veterinarian. Here’s what you should know about acai berry and dogs.

Why Is Acai Berry Bad For Dogs?

Acai berry is tremendously healthy for humans, so aren’t they safe for dogs?

They’re tremendously rich in healthy fats, vitamin A, fiber, calcium, and antioxidants. Cholesterol levels greatly benefit from their inclusion in a human diet. And they’re categorized as a superfood, excellent for brain function and cancer prevention.

Unfortunately, our furry companions just don’t reap the same benefits from this superfood because of the compound “theobromine.” If you’ve researched chocolate for dogs, it may sound familiar. It’s the very same compound found in chocolate, toxic to dogs.

“Surprisingly, another food rich in theobromine is the wildly popular ‘super fruit’, the acai berry,” writes NASC. “Superfruits rich in antioxidants are growing in popularity in the human market, and while some exotic fruits like goji berry are good for dogs, keep them away from acai.”

Around the internet, you may find conflicting ideologies. Some claim that, like chocolate, this berry is safe for dogs in small doses. We recommend erring on the side of caution, and again, discussing the matter with your veterinarian.

What Should I Do If My Dog Ate Acai Berry?

Studio shot of açai fruit on white background with the natural leaves of palm tree.

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Similar to chocolate, your dog’s consumption of acai berry is a reasonable cause for concern. However, it’s nothing that your veterinarian can’t handle with a prompt response on your part. If there’s a chance of toxicity, be proactive.

Let’s say, though, that you’re unaware if your dog consumed this berry, but you’ve noticed concerning behavior from your dog. Symptoms such as excessive panting, muscle twitching, and vomiting are all early signs of poisoning and can appear within two hours.

If these signs show themselves, seek veterinary care promptly.

That being said, don’t consider your pup safe after two hours. Research regarding theobromine states that dogs’ bodies metabolize it slowly dogs. This means that symptoms may take up to 24 hours to appear, and recovery may take up to three days.

Were you aware that acai berry contained theobromine, same as chocolate? Has your dog ever accidentally eaten some? Let us know in the comments below.