Can cats and canine get hayfever? 6 indicators of seasonal allergic reactions in pets

It was recently reported that hay fever will get worse for humans and pets this year.

Those with pollen allergies are likely to have more severe symptoms given the locks and our isolation indoors. Doctors have said that people who have never had hay fever could get it for the first time this year.

This is also a problem for our cats and dogs, especially the young pets bought during the pandemic and who spent much of their formative years indoors.

Dr. Miller said, “These pets haven’t been exposed to the great outdoors as often and that makes them more prone to hay fever – as they have a lower tolerance to pollen.”

In humans, hay fever manifests itself as sneezing, coughing, runny or blocked nose, itchy, red or watery eyes, headache, earache and sleepiness, to name just a few symptoms.

The symptoms of hay fever in pets are slightly different so you may not recognize them right away.

Here are six signs that Dr. Miller has hay fever.

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