Campaign calls for no wildlife-based medicine prescription | Environment

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Illustrative image (Photo: ENV)
Hanoi (VNA) – The Education for Nature Vietnam (eps) on December 13 launched a campaign to call for no prescription of medicines based on wild animals.

According to the ENV, in October and November 2022, the center called on nearly 2,000 traditional medicine business establishments in nine cities across the country to join a wildlife-friendly traditional medicine business network, and commit not to illegally trade in drugs and ingredients based on endangered, precious and rare wild species.

The poaching, trade and consumption of endangered, precious and rare wild animals still remain complicated, it said, attributing the situation to beliefs and habits of using medicines from wild animals to cure diseases or improve health.

ENV Vice Director Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung said traditional medicine practitioners and business establishments should choose to prescribe and trade in sustainable medicines instead of products from wild animalss.

She called on them to participate in the wildlife-friendly traditional medicine business network, saying that this is one of the ways to show their support and responsibility for biodiversity conservation and protecting the traditional medicine of Vietnam.

As part of the campaign to change public awareness of using drugs from wild animals, on November 6, the organization hosted an annual race #Run4WildlifeHN, attracting the participation of over 350 runners from 25 countries./.