Caithness dog owners urged to support litter picking and put a ‘paws on plastic’

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Recent research by the environmental organization Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB) shows that most Caithness residents believe trash is a problem.

Litter does so much damage to our people, animals and our beautiful natural environment.

Winter is a time of darkness, which we traditionally celebrate with various winter light festivals. So KSB has partnered with the new charity Paws on Plastic to urge dog owners across the country to keep the trash issue in the spotlight. to tackle it directly to improve the health, cleanliness and safety of all people, animals and the environment in Scotland.

Jet, the dog, gets a treat for helping pick garbage in Wick. Image: DGS

KSB urges dog owners to “shed light on” by highlighting the problems of litter, encouraging others not to drop it, and picking up a few pieces every day they walk their dogs. It also wants people to share their pictures on social media.

Heather McLaughlin, KSB Campaigner, said, “Our evidence shows that the number of recorded incidents of dog fouling increases in the darker, colder months, and we suspect that waste increases as people feel under cover of darkness that they can escape with illegal behavior.

“But we, together with the thousands of Paws on Plastic members who regularly pick up a piece of rubbish with their dog, observe and shed light on the topic. Please help us raise awareness about rubbish this winter and the good job you are doing to help us keep it safe. We want garbage to become the social norm and not be dropped. “

It is important to stay safe, visible and careful when collecting rubbish and KSB offers guidance on how to do this as part of its Clean Up Scotland campaign.

Marion Montgomery, founder of the online community Paws on Plastic, which now has more than 21,000 members in 70 countries, said: “Paws on Plastic encourages all dog owners to join the campaign to protect animals and our precious environment. It only takes a minute to pick up a few pieces of trash when we’re out and about, but with 1 million dogs in Scotland, 12 million in the UK, if we all take a minute it adds up to a huge impact. In fact, it has the double effect of reducing the amount of litter, as studies show that fewer people throw litter in clean areas. Promise your support on our new website “

Mike Flynn, Chief Superintendent of the Scottish SPCA said: “We are delighted to support this wonderful initiative and to stand by KSB and Paws on Plastic to highlight the dangers that trash can pose and the amount of trash in to reduce our communities.

“Unfortunately, we see firsthand the harmful effects of litter on animals. We are called to jobs after animals and birds get caught in fishing line or wire. Discarded rubbish can also pose a hazard to animals after they have ingested it, becoming a choking hazard or affecting their food intake.

“People should always dispose of their garbage responsibly. No matter how small it is, it can be dangerous or fatal to pets, wildlife, and farm animals. Throw a light on trash “helps people respect the environment and protect animals from the risks of discarded trash.”

KSB’s annual Spring Clean Scotland, which is set to make a comeback next March, is helping people across the country collect rubbish and the Scottish Government is currently discussing a new national waste and fly tipping strategy for Scotland, which enables the public to #YourSayOnLitter Until March 31, 2022, this winter campaign ensures that no rubbish is lost in the dark.

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