Burnout takes a heavy financial toll on veterinary medicine

Workplace burnout is costing the veterinary industry two billion dollars a year, according to research from the Cornell Center for Veterinary Business and Entrepreneurship.

“Putting a price tag on how this very human issue affects veterinarians and technicians makes it tangible. Reality sinks in,” says Dr. Clinton Neill, assistant professor of veterinary economics and management, who leads the College of Veterinary Medicine’s research in this arena and authored a foundational study examining the economic cost of burnout.

The $2B dollar figure comes from “The Economic Cost of Burnout in Veterinary Medicine,” published by Neill and his colleagues in the journal Frontiers in Veterinary Science in February. Two billion dollars in lost revenue is almost 4% of the industry’s entire value. The cost includes both veterinarians and technicians, each accounting for approximately $1B of dollars lost per group.

Read the full story on the College of Veterinary Medicine website.

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