Bunnings killer canine on loss of life row after Stafford canine assault as proprietor is charged

A pit bull who killed a Cavoodle in a Bunnings shop in Brisbane is dropped off.

Brisbane City Council has confirmed the dog is in one of their facilities after a “demolition warrant” was issued following the attack on the Stafford Bunnings store on the north side of Brisbane.

The unbridled pit bull destroyed the Cavoodle while it was sitting in a cart at the Bunnings store on January 31st.

The Cavoodle was taken to an ambulance but could not be saved.

The owner of the pit bull, who hit his dog during the attack to prevent it from destroying the Cavoodle, fled the scene immediately after the incident.

He has since been located and the pit bull has been arrested by the council, said Kim Marx, chairman of city standards, community, health and safety.

“The person responsible for the dog at the time of the alleged attack was requested to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court in connection with the incident,” Ms. Marx said.

The dog is on death row while the council is considering whether to euthanize the pet, Ms Marx said.

Camera iconKim Marx, chairman of city standards, community, health and safety, said a review is pending to see if the pit bull will be euthanized. Delivered Credit: Delivered

“The council has issued an extermination order for the dog and it will remain in a council facility pending a review of the order requested by the owner,” she said.

The attack sparked a debate about why pet owners insist on bringing them to Bunnings.

After the vicious attack, pressure has increased on Bunnings to ban other dogs as support animals.

The entry requirements for pets are that they either be secured in a cart, carried, or carried on a leash with a snout.

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