Britney Spears’ conservators disagree on responsibility for dogs

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Britney Spears’ restorers argue over who is really responsible for the “Toxic” singer’s pets.

Following allegations that a dog sitter took the pop star’s pooches to a vet without their permission and never returned them, we hear that both Spears’ curator, Jodi Montgomery, and her father, Jamie Spears, are the curator of their property, try to wash your hands from the incident.

Montgomery attorney Lauriann Wright said in an exclusive statement to Page Six on Friday: “Mr. Spears, who runs Mrs. Spears ‘estate, has hired a caretaker to look after Mrs. Spears’ pets. Ms. Montgomery has never been responsible for caring for animals since starting working with Ms. Spears in September 2019. “

While Jamie’s attorneys did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment, an insider told us, “Jamie is the curator of the estate, not the person. Jodi Montgomery has been in control of the person’s conservatory since 2019. Anything [pertaining to the animals] would fall 100 percent under the person’s curator. “

Meanwhile, a source similarly told TMZ that Jamie, 69, “is completely in the dark about what’s going on” [Britney’s] at home, ”added that“ he was locked out ”.

This isn’t the first time restorers have divided.

In June, Montgomery – who became Britney’s temporary curator in September 2019 after Jamie resigned on health grounds – denied the angry father’s claims that she tried to control the entertainer, according to Britney’s June 23 testimony.

“Britney’s decision to get married and have a family [has] was never affected by the Conservatory while Ms. Montgomery was the person’s curator, “Wright said on behalf of the then-licensed trustee, adding,” Since everything costs money, virtually no expense can be made without Mr. Spears and Mr. Spears who agree with them. “

Regarding Britney’s recent dog debacle, a separate insider said, exclusively on Page Six earlier Friday, that they suspect someone from the Conservatory might be behind the incident.

“She’s been through this before,” a source said of Britney. “Her restorers used to threaten to take her children away from her, and now her dogs are nowhere to be found. It’s an all too familiar – and heartbreaking – feeling for her. “

According to TMZ, one of Britney’s dogs was sick, which led the sitter to believe that 39-year-old Britney had neglected her pets.

The report comes just a day after the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to Page Six that Britney and an employee had an argument on Monday.

We were told that Britney “wiped out” a phone from the employee during the fight.

The argument allegedly came after the woman, reported by TMZ as a housekeeper, showed Britney a photo of one of her sick-looking dogs that the star believed to have sent to her estranged father.

The “Lucky” singer’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart, told us Thursday that it was “nothing more than a ‘he said, she said’ in relation to a cell phone, without a blow and obviously without any injury.”

Page Six also learned exclusively that Britney called the police on August 10 to report a theft. It is believed that she wanted to report her dogs missing, but an official police report was never filed because her security team told the responding agents that she did not want any.

Britney’s attorney did not immediately respond to our request for additional comment.