Bristol collaboration creates new mannequin for drugs provide to the UK veterinary market

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Bristol-based Invatech Health is partnering with MWI Animal Health to launch a new distribution service for the supply of animal prescriptions issued by UK veterinarians.

After four months of planning and installation, Invatech’s Patient Medication Record (PMR) system was changed to the Titan to help set up the MWI service for home pharmacies.

MWI Animal Health, part of AmerisourceBergen and a leading distributor of animal health products, sells to over 3,000 veterinary practices across the UK.

It is one of the UK’s largest distributors of pharmaceuticals for the animal market, and it also provides prescription systems to veterinarians.

With the new service, veterinary clinics can prescribe medication and return the product directly to the owner’s home or practice.

Tariq Muhammad, CEO of Invatech Health, comments, “The contract with MWI Animal Health has given us the opportunity to take titanium to new heights. It teaches us new ways in which we can use our unique processes in new environments.

“The use of PMR systems for the veterinary market has been very easy so far. Knowing that we can achieve the same level of efficiency and workflow in a new market offers the opportunity to support animal health in the same way that we do for human health.

“It was an intensive work phase between the teams from both companies, but together we recognized the opportunity and the importance of our activities. I am very proud of my team for the work they do and the partnership we have built with MWI Animal Health. “

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