Bring home some wonderful gifts for your cat with 10 Pre-Black Friday discounts

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When dogs are our best friends, no one has said otherwise to the cat. From kittens to outdoor cats to fat cats and lazy cats – our feline friends are our best companions and deserve the best. As the Christmas season approaches, it is important that our cats are on our gift list.

This list of 10 incredible products covers everything your cat needs from transportation, toys, health, and hygiene. And as part of a pre-Black Friday sale, you get a 15 percent discount on every item on the list when you use code SAVE15NOV at checkout.

With this practical cat backpack, you’ll never have a guilty conscience again when you leave your cat at home. The “Fat Cat” cat backpack has a larger capacity than comparable travel backpacks, so that you can take your thick-legged cat with you in style. It gives them plenty of space to stretch out and have fun on the go. Made of extremely hard-wearing materials, the “Fat Cat” is not only reliable, but also stylish.

If you can’t sensibly take your cat with you, here’s a little something to help remove boredom and loneliness during your absence. Wicked Ball is interactive so your cat can play with it for hours while moving around the house. Three modes of interaction are 100% automatic to suit every level of activity. The Wicked Ball even offers space for treats that stimulate your cat’s inner hunter.

Give your cat (and your home) an always-fresh smelling litter box. The conventional scooping method is tried and tested, but far from perfect. The dirty litter gets stuck in clumps and contaminates the clean litter, leaving behind a stinking odor forever. With SiftEase, the litter is sifted through the device and only leaves fresh, clean litter.

Every cat owner knows that their cat is different from everyone else. Get to know your feline friend on a whole new level with this handy home DNA kit. Basepaws helps owners gain insight into the specific breed, genetic health, traits and habits by collecting a bit of DNA and sending it in for analysis. A DNA kit will help target your cat by understanding what she can’t tell us.

This LED toy spinner has a strong suction cup on the base which ensures it stays attached wherever you place it. The clear plastic domes are removable and can be filled with anything from bells to fragrant herbs like mint. Your cat will have fun pawing at the windmill and letting its arms fly. The embossed center of the toy has tiny nubs that are great for teeth cleaning or face lifts.

VentiFresh is the easiest way to keep the air around you clean and fresh. Anyone who has driven their cat knows that it usually leaves behind the smell that it experienced there. This auto-pack air purifier takes care of that. Inspired by the photocatalyst technology used by NASA on the International Space Station, this powerful air purifier will keep your car smelling fresh and clean.

This food ball will help keep your pet full, energetic, and exercised. Just fill the ball with your cat’s favorite food or treats, set the release speed and let them play. The food ball slowly releases treats while your pet is busy, keeps them fed without over-saturating them, and teaches them task-reward principles.

Unfortunately for our furry friends, most of the dental diseases that plague them are difficult to spot. Too often, potentially serious dental problems show no symptoms until they get out of control. The Basepaws Dental Kit analyzes more than 1,000 types of microbes in your cat’s mouth to detect dental disease long before it is visible to the naked eye.

The Cheerble Ice Cream Ball is a rechargeable play toy that will keep your cat entertained for hours while you are away. The Ice Cream Ball has three game modes: normal, passive and active for cats of all activity levels. The toy is automated and will interact with your cat for 10 minutes before allowing them to rest for 30 minutes to ensure they are not bored. If your cat wants to keep playing, that’s fine, contact will initiate another 10 minutes of interaction.

This is the ultimate toy for cat and owner to play together. The patented design includes a magnet that is attached to the bell in each cat toy. The set includes fish, fluffy squids and a long-tailed ball to attract any cat. All toys are pre-filled with catnip to bring out the inner hunter in your furry friend.

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