Boost Your Dog’s Well Being With This DNA Kit And Bundle Of Training Classes

We love dogs so much and we teach computers to tell them what good puppets they are. But dog parenting life is more than just cuddling, and we all want our pooches to have better lives. This DNA My Dog NextGen: Dog Breed Identification & Genetic Age Test + 7 Dog Training Courses will help you get to know your dog’s background and enable them to live better here and now. It’s available now for just $ 77 (reg. $ 1,499).

Know their background

First of all, the DNA My Dog Test will tell you about your dog’s background. All you have to do is take a simple cheek swab and send it in for testing. The DNA My Dog team begins by determining the dog’s biological age, giving you an idea of ​​its future health, and pointing out the breeds that produced your one-of-a-kind fuzzy friend.

Teach them well

Next, check out 7 courses from canine expert Sharon Bolt. Bolt has been a dog trainer and expert for more than a decade, answering training questions and explaining the latest in dog training on radio, television and print. Your expert guidance helped Bolt earn a 4/5 star instructor rating.

Based on her experience as a trainer and dog lover, Bolt talks about eating right, dealing with fear and aggression, and curbing bad habits. If you are considering getting a puppy she has a full course to raise her from A to Z, and if you are curious about making dog training a career here is one more course you need to know. Whether you have a loyal friend or are looking for one, it’s an ideal package for dog owners.

Get the DNA My Dog NextGen: Dog Breed Identification & Genetic Age Testing + 7 Dog Training Courses for $ 77 (reg. $ 1,499).

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