Bobby Flay Is Releasing A Pet Meals Model With His Cat Nacho

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Bobby Flay may be known for his kitchen skills, but this time around, it’s not a new restaurant or show that has him on the news. He’s making headlines this week for his Maine coon cat Nacho. Yes, you read that right. Nacho steals the show and takes a page from its owner’s book.

The Food Network star and his Instagram-famous cat are taking the pet food industry by storm with the launch of a cat food brand called Made by Nacho. The new line includes both cat food and treats, all of which contain a balanced mix of ingredients that focus on high-quality protein sources.

“We chose thoughtful ingredients [like pumpkin, cranberry, and kale] It’s tasty and tasty for cats, but also helpful in other ways, “Flay told PEOPLE.

What else can you expect from your cat taking this new line? Well, bone broth of course! According to the celebrity chef, bone broth – which is very popular for human consumption, if you didn’t know – is actually “very tasty for cats” because it’s full of protein and gives them extra moisture. Who knew ?!

The new cat food line will be available nationwide starting April 19th (but is available online starting today!) And in PetSmart stores. In addition to helping cats everywhere, Bobby and Nacho Flay started the Made By Nacho nonprofit fund at the New York Community Trust, which has given grants to the EveryCat Health Foundation and Best Friends Animal Society. So, if you’ve been looking for the perfect brand of cat food to switch to, find your mark for it here.

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