BitLife: How to Complete the Crazy Cat Lady Challenge

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The newest weekend challenge in BitLife is here! Your task for this week is to become a crazy cat lady! You must own at least 15 cats, including five crazy ones, and you must take them all to the vet. At the end of this guide, we will tell you how to complete the Crazy Cat Lady Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete the Crazy Cat Lady Challenge in BitLife

bitlife crazy cat lady

The Crazy Cat Lady Challenge has five tasks that you must complete:

  • To be born a woman
  • Own 15+ cats
  • Have 5+ cats with high madness
  • Have more than 5 different types of cats
  • Take all of your cats to the vet in the same year

The first task is the easiest. When starting a new life, choose Female as the gender. Once you create a female character, age until you can get pets. On the Activities tab, navigate to Pets. You have the option of saving an animal in need, buying it from a pet store, or buying a purebred cat. The purebred cats will be the most expensive and the shelter cats will be the cheapest. If you go the cheap route, your best bet is to adopt your cats from a shelter.

When you select cats to buy, you will see four statistics bars. You will see the cat’s health, happiness, intelligence and craziness. When buying your cats, you will need at least five cats that have a red “madness” bar. There are also numerous breeds of cats that you can choose from. When you buy purebred cats, the cats are sorted according to specific breeds. Buying five different breeds of cats from the purebred shop is the easiest way to accomplish this fourth task. However, the breeds of cats in the shelter and pet store are random, so finding a variety of cats shouldn’t be too difficult. If you are very lucky and have saved some money, you can do all of these tasks in a year!

For the final task, you’ll need to get all 15 of your cats to the vet in the same year. There is an advisory fee for each cat, so make sure you’ve saved some money before bringing them! Your cats don’t have to be sick for you to take them to the vet. If the cat is not sick, you will receive a message that your cat does not currently have any illness. Otherwise, you will receive a pop-up listing your cat’s illness and treatment costs.

Once you have completed all of these tasks, you will have completed the Crazy Cat Lady Challenge in BitLife. For more information on a previous BitLife challenge, check out our coverage here.

BitLife is available for Android and iOS.