Biting Dog Was Unlicensed, Unvaccinated: Yorktown Police

YORKTOWN, NY – A Yorktown man faces court Tuesday for failing to license his dog and have it vaccinated against rabies.

One is a violation of city rules and the other is a violation of public health.

Police said Thursday that they had been called in June about a dog bite. The animal welfare officer conducted an investigation and requested a criminal subpoena, which was served on Cliff Mascarenhas, 31, Parmly Road, Thursday.

State law prescribes rabies vaccinations (vaccinations) for all cats, dogs, and domesticated ferrets. After the second rabies vaccination, they must receive an additional booster vaccination either annually or every three years, depending on the type of vaccine they are given.

The law requires that every time your dog, cat or ferret has been exposed to rabies, or every case where a person or other animal has been exposed to rabies, the veterinarian will provide any health department with the certificate of vaccination.

If your pet bites a person and you want to avoid euthanizing them and testing them for rabies, they will need to be caged and watched for 10 days. If your pet is not up to date with their rabies vaccinations, the 10 day housing / observation period must be at the owner’s expense in an appropriate facility such as an animal shelter, veterinary practice, or kennel.

All counties (except New York City) must have a free vaccination clinic every four months. Contact your county health department for the schedule in your area. Rabies vaccinations are also available from your veterinarian.

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