Biden’s canines will return quickly, no replace on cat

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki assures the world’s media that the Bidens’ dogs will not be long from the White House, saying their exile to Delaware was planned prior to a “biting incident” involving one of the Dogs was involved and that they will be returning “soon”. She adds that there is still no plan to replace her with a cat.

Video transcript

JEN PSAKI: And on Monday the younger dog of the first family, Major, was taken by surprise by an unidentified person and reacted in a manner that resulted in slight injury to the individual treated by the White House medical department without requiring further treatment was. It was planned to take the dogs off family friends in Delaware this week while Dr. Biden to look after military bases. She has a three day trip this week and the dogs will be returning to the White House soon.

– – We were promised a cat from the White House. What happened to it

JEN PSAKI: Where is the cat? Today is a good day for the cat. I don’t have an update for the cat. We know the cat is going to break the internet, but I haven’t had an update on its status.