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A new BEVA course for equine veterinarians aims to help them meet the nutritional needs of physical problems.

Horse veterinarians hungry to improve their knowledge of horse nutrition can now take BEVA’s new CPD course, “From Superfoods to Supplements: Knowing More Than the Owner”.

The one-day course takes place on July 7th, 2021 and offers 7 CPD hours. Some of the best-known horse nutrition veterinarians will share their knowledge with the panel of speakers, which consists of Caroline Argo, Andy Durham, Pat Harris, Nicky Jarvis and Sarah Stoneham.

“Whether it’s talking to an owner about an overweight horse, examining a weight-loss geriatric pony, or formulating a diet for an orphaned foal, a tailored diet is the cornerstone of any horse case we see in the veterinary office” said course organizer Nicola Jarvis. BVetMed, CertAVP (EM), CertAVP (ESST), MRCVS, Senior Veterinarian at Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

“We regularly treat a variety of conditions such as laminitis and colic, but are we always confident that we are getting the best dietary advice for our customers?” She asked. “And how often do we walk into a tack room with the ‘latest’ nutritional supplements.” and wonder if any of them actually work? “

The course addresses a range of clinical conditions that enable veterinarians to incorporate evidence-based feeding advice into their treatment plans, formulate diets for all ages of the horse, and find out which supplements are worth the internet hype. The speakers give handy tips on everything from the anorexic bangs to the stubborn case of weight loss.

The course covers the following:

  • At each paint shop, go to the feeding room safely and give up-to-date advice on what to feed the owner.
  • Learn how to formulate the perfect nutrition for every horse age, from orphan foals to geriatric horses.
  • Maximize treatment for clinical conditions such as laminitis, liver failure, colic, and diarrhea by using case-by-case feeding.
  • Develop an understanding of the evidence behind many supplements that will stand up to scrutiny.
  • Learn the top tips for adapting diet to the fussy horse (or owner), a range of budgets, and all kinds of stall and pasture management

“Following the National Equine Forum’s Great Weight Debate (Equine) last month, adequate nutrition for horses has never been more relevant,” said BEVA President Dr. Lucy Grieve. “Equine obesity is a growing problem and this debate has shown how teamwork, communication and trust will help to best solve this problem. Veterinarians are in a unique and privileged position to assist property owners with all nutritional issues. This course gives you the knowledge you need to provide practical and constructive assistance. “

“From Superfood to Dietary Supplement: How to Know More Than the Owner” takes place on July 7th, 2021 and costs £ 80 for BEVA members and £ 160.00 for non-members. To learn more and to register, please visit this website.

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