Better Choice Company launches new super premium natural dog food brand

NEW YORK — Halo Elevate, a new super-premium, natural pet food line from Better Choice Company includes 39 SKUs of dry and wet food for dogs of all ages and breeds. Formulated by veterinary and nutrition experts, a variety of recipes are available including grain-free and healthy grain choices, as well as chicken, red meat, salmon and lamb options.

“We created Halo Elevate to boldly deliver best-in-class nutrition to pet parents,” said Scott Lerner, chief executive officer of Better Choice Company. “Our recipes are simple and transparent, proudly shown on the front of our packaging and directly address the top five pet health concerns. Halo Elevate allows pet parents to confidently upgrade the quality of their pet food.”

Halo Elevate recipes are formulated to support digestive health with 610 million live probiotics (CFU/lb). For heart and immunity support the diets contain guaranteed levels of taurine and antioxidants. Ninety percent of the protein in each recipe is from animal sources to maintain pets’ strength and energy. High Omega fatty acid levels help to ensure healthy skin and coat. Added glucosamine and chondroitin support healthy hips and joints. Halo Elevate recipes do not include corn, wheat, soy, lentils, or peas.

According to the Better Choice Company, the top 10 ingredients make up 84% to 97% of the total recipe and the company provides traceability of all ingredient origins as well as the purpose of each ingredient on the company’s website.

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