Best in show: The top 20 cities for dog-friendly workplaces

As the early days of the pandemic forced people to settle into their homes, avoid social gatherings, and forego the physical work environment, more and more people chose to adopt a pet to combat the loneliness and inactivity that came with go hand in hand with these security measures.

Thirty-five percent of pet parents who work remotely say they adopted their current pet during the pandemic, according to a survey by pet wellness retailer Honest Paws. 87% said that their dog’s company helped them be more productive at work, and 87% said that their dog’s company helped them cope better with work-related stress.

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For these reasons, employees are far from ready to part with their furry colleagues. As vaccination rates and compulsory vaccination continue to rise, employees are increasingly concerned about what will happen to their dogs if they have to return to a physical office remotely, the Honest Paws survey found.

“After months of mostly working from home, many are now demanding that their employees return to work,” said Gemma Scholz, vice president of business development at WildGoose, a team building company, in a press release. “For many this is a change, but for those with dogs it takes a bit of getting used to. It is therefore not surprising that so many are ready for it [change jobs] should an opportunity arise. “

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But employees don’t need to worry just yet, as dog-friendly offices are emerging across the country for the millions of dog owners in the U.S. and more and more employers are prioritizing dog-related perks.

“Not only is it pleasant for dogs and their owners to welcome pets into the office, but there are countless benefits to having a puppy at work,” says Scholz. “The effects of having a dog in the office have been shown to help employees feel more comfortable, and their presence relieves stress. This in turn increases the work ethic and the happiness of the employees. “

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To connect employees with the most dog-friendly companies, Wildgoose set out to find the best cities for dog-friendly workplaces. Scroll through this list of cities and some employers to see where these dog friendly jobs are.

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