Best Dog Harnesses: No-Pull, Easy-Walk, Large & Small Dogs

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I thought choosing the best dog supplies for my first puppy would be easy — like picking up something from Target or the grocery store. Once my search began, however, the dog harness options and myriad considerations hit me like a ton of bricks. I waffled between no-pull harnesses, front-clip vs. back-clip harnesses, and eons more, but I was also terrified of choosing one that was uncomfortable, or even dangerous, for my dog.

Ultimately, the best dog harness for you will really depend on your specific dog, their size, and your lifestyle, so it’s important to pinpoint the features most important to you. For example, if you have a flat-faced dog, a simple harness that doesn’t restrict their airway is a safe bet. If you have a larger dog that practically pulls you down the street as you walk, a no-pull dog harness is a solid training tool. On the flip side, a tiny dog ​​or a puppy will benefit from an adjustable dog harness that they can’t wiggle out of, but will still grow with them over time.

In reality, with a little research and with so many well-vetted dog harness options out there, finding a good pick isn’t hard. To make sifting through the options a bit easier, peep a curation of some of the best dog harnesses ahead.

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