Best Cat Treats: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Product

Finding the right cat treat for your pet can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. There is a great abundance of cat treats available, all featuring a wide variety of scents and flavors your kitty will come running for. But how can we find the best cat treats?

Unfortunately, some cat brands market their products as all-natural and fresh, yet they are made with unhealthy or cheap ingredients. Similarly, some brands even shove mediocre fillers with no nutritional value. And in extreme cases, some brands have harmful ingredients for your pet.

With all this in mind, most pet owners today search for treats with beneficial, healthy, and nutritious ingredients. Brands should also pack in superfoods, useful supplements, and top-notch additives. In this article, we will guide you through the best treats you can buy, their benefits for your cat, and why buying cat treats doesn’t have to be difficult at all!

Top 4 Cat Treat Brands on the Market:

  1. HolistaPet – Highest Quality & Best Value
  2. Pet Hemp Company – Editor’s Choice
  3. Joy Pets CBD – Third Runner Up
  4. Diamond CBD – Multi-Purpose

There are hundreds of brands selling cat-treats out there, and each has its own style and selling points. We’ve combed through those brands and selected some of the highest quality cat treats. You can’t go wrong with any of the brands listed below, and they all use truly all-natural ingredients in their products.

What about ingredients to avoid? Responsible cat owners should seek out cat treats that don’t contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), gluten, or dairy. These ingredients simply aren’t necessary for a healthy cat, and in many cases, they can even cause issues for felines.

One of the most beneficial ingredients in cat treats is cannabidiol (CBD). Derived from hemp plants, CBD interacts with receptors throughout your cat’s body. This interaction boosts the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is present in all mammals, and it keeps our internal well-being balanced.

Since cannabidiol is so beneficial for your cat, it’s no surprise that all our picks for the best cat treats contain CBD. Read on to hear about each brand’s culture and the value they will bring to your pet!

Best Cat Treats Available

1) HolistaPet – Highest Quality & Best Value

HolistaPet is the #1 supplier of high-quality CBD cat treats in the nation. Their treats have it all: they’re nutritious for your cat, 100% grain-free, and delicious. HolistaPet’s cat treats contain only the finest natural ingredients and never contain any animal by-products, GMOs, or artificial preservatives.

Still not convinced? HolistaPet has forged a trust with their customers as a brand based on consistency, delivering high-quality cat food products right to your doorstep with ease. All the products from HolistaPet come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

HolistaPet prides itself on clean, organic products. Their treats are 3rd party tested to ensure precise dosing of CBD, product efficiency, and premium ingredients. More so, HolistaPet carries a wide variety of CBD treats for your pet. HolistaPet’s selection of snacks is suitable for many different cats, from soft chews and catnip spray to crunchy salmon-flavored treats.

Through 12 years of research, innovation, and experimentation, HolistaPet launched as a CBD for pets brand with the emphasis on using the power of hemp to holistically promote pet wellness and help heal latent issues in cats and dogs. HolistaPet is partnered with hemp farms in Colorado to ensure the hemp used in their products is of the highest quality.

They believe that hemp is the best substitute for over-the-counter medications. If you’re looking for high-quality CBD cat food for your pets, HolistaPet should be your first choice.  

Ingredient Quality – Superfoods (Peas) + Added Supplement (Salmon)

HolistaPet’s CBD cat treats bolster all-natural ingredients. But what makes their treats different? Peas! Yes, the green veggie balls we exiled to the edges of our plates as kids are actually an incredible superfood. And when processed into treat form, they work wonders for our cats.

Similarly, the cat treats from HolistaPet contain salmon as an added supplement. Some of their products are salmon-scented or flavored, while others contain salmon fish. This results in a flavor profile packed with benefits that your cat is going to love!

Brand Reputation

Backed by thousands of reviews online, HolistaPet is one of the highest-rated CBD products for pets on the market. They value the customer experience first and foremost.

Deals & Incentives

Another one of the many ways HolistaPet separates itself from competitors is through its subscribership program. In this program, subscribers save up to 22% a month on orders when they sign up for monthly deliveries of their CBD product. Considering cats can never get enough of these treats, you can save up to $30 a month when you subscribe!

Shopping Experience

With a money-back guarantee and no questions asked, this brand is built on customer loyalty. When you get lost on the website or just have a quick question, their live chat feature puts you in contact with a real customer service representative ready to answer any question.

HolistaPet’s core philosophy is engrained in educating its customers, which is unique for most businesses. CBD is so new and different that everyday consumers may not be privy to all the amazing benefits this product exudes for both pets and humans alike. HolistaPet makes sure that when you buy their products, you know exactly what you’re getting — clean, all-natural CBD, ripe with benefits!

Price Breakdown

A bag of pet treats costs a certain amount, but how much are you actually paying for what’s inside? Since CBD is the beneficial ingredient that ties all these products together, we broke down how much you’re really paying for every mg of CBD. This will help you weigh the value of each brand and whether it’s a good bang for your buck!

HolistaPet’s CBD Cat Treats Breakdown: $24.95 / 150mg = $0.17 per mg of CBD. That’s $24.95 for the entire bag, which contains a total of 150mg of CBD. So you’re only paying $0.17 for every milligram!

Our Verdict

HolistaPet provides you with holistic products your pet will love —it’s that simple. Considering their prestigious brand reputation, excellent customer service, and a product renowned for its efficiency, HolistaPet is one of the finest providers of CBD cat treats you can find.

Cat treats sold at Pet Hemp Company are of the highest quality, packed with nutritious ingredients, and 100 % grain-free. The brand delivers anywhere in the US with free shipping. As one of the lowest cost CBD pet products on the market and with their 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back (no questions asked), it’s a safe bet to give these treats a try.

Set on providing longevity to your pet’s health, this company offers affordable, high-quality cat treats to pet families nationwide. A group of veterinarians oversees their products and brand with decades of collective knowledge on animal science. More so, their company site features a dosage chart where you can simply type in your pet’s weight, and a precise dose is provided.

Ingredient Quality

All of Pet Hemp Company’s treats are third-party tested, ensuring your CBD is of the highest quality. Their products are completely organic, carrying nothing but fresh ingredients farmed right here in the USA.

Brand Reputation

With a 30-day money-back guarantee — no questions asked — Pet Hemp Company’s success is in part by its customer loyalty.

Deals & Incentives

As part of their new website launch, Pet Hemp Company will be giving new subscribers 25% off all their products. By signing up, you are included in the company’s newsletter that contains exclusive information on new products and hot deals.

Shopping Experience

Shopping with Pet Hemp Company is incredibly easy. With their beautifully laid out website and a customer service chat forum that allows you to speak with a representative live as you roam through the site, your seamless shopping through Pet Hemp Company will encourage you to come back for more.

Price Breakdown

Pet Hemp Company’s CBD Cat Treats Breakdown: $29.95 / 150mg = $0.20 per mg of CBD. That’s $29.95 for the entire bag, which contains a total of 150mg CBD. So you’ll pay $0.20 for every milligram!

Our Verdict

Pet Hemp Company is motivated towards keeping cats healthy, producing high-quality CBD products and beneficial cat treats. Whether it be achy joints or bouts of unease, your pet deserves a pick-me-up in the form of grain-free cat treats that don’t carry harmful chemicals and additives. If you value great customer service, an efficient delivery process, and high-quality products, Pet Hemp Company makes a great choice.

Joy Pets stems from A Gift From Nature, a company behind some of the best CBD products and grain-free cat treats the US has to offer. All the products sold by Joy Pets run through A Gift From Nature’s impressive manufacturing processes. Their products are grown on FDA-registered US farms and comply with safe manufacturing practices.

Most cat treats from JoyPets are made with organic white chicken meat and infused with 100 mg of CBD per jar, meaning these treats pack in the CBD goodness! At JoyPets, transparency in what they put in their products is clearly of utmost importance. They list and document each ingredient and dosage of CBD so their customers can make the most informed decision.

Below we’ll give you a quick rundown on this brand and why you should consider them when supplying the best healthy cat treats for your pet.

Ingredient Quality

Most of Joy Pets cat treats contain white meat, which is packed full of nutrients essential for your cat’s health. When my cat takes a whiff of their exclusive meat-based treats, they enjoy it so much more.

Additionally, they provide their customers with recommendations for how to feed your treats to your cat. If you ever find yourself wondering when the proper time to feed your kitty CBD treats is, they’ve got you covered.

Brand Reputation

Joy Pets values its customers. While some CBD cat treats brands talk about how CBD will likely change you or your pet’s life, Joy Pets shows you. They recognize that CBD, as a new holistic solution, is still in its infancy. As a brand, they educate consumers on CBD treats and the current research on its benefits for your pet.

Deals & Incentives

Joy Pets come in as one of the most affordable pet CBD cats treat brands out there, so their deals are just icing on the cake. They offer free shipping on treat orders over $50. Considering your pets will love their treats, getting free shipping shouldn’t be a problem.

Shopping Experience

At Joy Pets, you’re receiving top-of-the-line shipping and manufacturing. As a subsidiary of A Gift From Nature, Joy Pets is backed by a leader in CBD treats distribution nationwide.

Price Breakdown

Joy Pet’s CBD Cat Treats Breakdown: $19.99 / 100mg = $0.20 per mg of CBD. That’s $19.99 for the entire bag, which contains in total 100mg of CBD. Just like Pet Hemp Co., you’ll pay $0.20 for every milligram!

Our Verdict

Joy Pets CBD is a solid cat treat brand with the potential to become your cat’s go-to. With a wide variety of treat flavors and a reputable company that administers high-quality CBD, there’s a good chance Joy Pets will claim your cat’s treats curiosity long term.

Besides their excellent packaging, Diamond CBD has one of the largest collections of CBD pet treats around. Between dogs and cats, Diamond carries nearly 30 unique pet treat flavors from kabob to their cat party mix, which is a collection of different shaped treats all contained in a 200mg CBD jar.

Their impressive selection paired with a laundry list of positive reviews makes this brand well worth your time.

If you find yourself choosing Diamond CBD over these other brands, it is likely due to their wide spectrum of CBD products and great deals. At Diamond CBD, they carry a vast amount of unique brands from Chill to Liquid Gold. You won’t go wrong casting your net into the world of CBD with your feline friend through Diamond because you’re bound to encounter a product that works for your pet.

With the top 10 leading CBD products on the market, Diamond CBD is truly an innovative company in the CBD space. Their expansive repertoire is impressive, sure, but what makes this brand particularly unique is their efforts to be socially conscious in developing products. These factors make Diamond CBD an excellent brand to treat your cat with the vital essentials.

Ingredient Quality

All of Diamond CBD’s products are lab tested and third-party verified, containing safe, non-GMO ingredients and no artificial preservatives for your kitty.

Brand Reputation

As a pioneer in CBD, Diamond’s success is in part by its sustainability. Diamond CBD’s products are eco-friendly and organically grown, which should encourage you to treat your cat with CBD and all the vital essentials even more.

Deals & Incentives

If you register now to Diamond CBD’s newsletter on their website, you can receive up to 70% off selected products. More so, they offer free two-day shipping on all orders above $100. And if these deals aren’t grabbing you, Diamond CBD bolsters a rewards program, which works by rewarding registered customers with points following every purchase. There are tons of potential ways to save on your pet’s treats through Diamond.

Shopping Experience

Navigating Diamond CBD’s website is an absolute breeze. Their search menu filters much of the information buyers seek when they go to make a purchase. If you’re looking for CBD products, it’s a seamless experience. 

Price Breakdown

Diamond’s CBD Cat Treats Breakdown: $25.99 / 100mg = $0.26 per mg of CBD. That’s $25.99 for the entire bag, which contains a total of 100mg CBD. So you’ll pay $0.26 per mg.

Our Verdict

At Diamond CBD, you can get high-quality products that are not only good for your pet but don’t harm the environment as well. Though they fall at the bottom of this list, Diamond CBD is a great choice for pet owners looking for a wide variety of options to give their cats all the vital essentials.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol — a chemical compound harbored in the cannabis Sativa plant. CBD is made from hemp and not marijuana, so it will not get your cat “high.” Unlike delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the major active ingredient in marijuana, CBD is not intoxicating.

Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring substance in the cannabis plant used in products like oils and edibles to impart an uplifting feeling of calm. It’s also totally safe for both you and your cat. Let’s get into the safety of CBD and the potential side effects your cat might experience below.

Is CBD Safe For Cats?

Yes, CBD is very safe for your cat. All current research available on the safety of CBD for you or your pets seems to point that it’s not only well-tolerated but greatly beneficial. For example, this study discovered incredible results in dogs that were given CBD. Let’s get into more detail about CBD’s benefits below!

Is CBD Beneficial for Cats?

Yes, CBD is very beneficial for cats. As we mentioned earlier, your furry friend has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) in their body. The ECS regulates anxiety, stress, inflammation, and pain. CBD supports the ECS, greatly improving your cat’s well-being with the following benefits:

  • Maintains ideal weight
  • Immune system booster
  • Relieves constipation
  • Decreases the chance of seizure
  • Eases pain or discomfort
  • Regulates appetite
  • Soothes nervousness
  • Eases aggression
  • Minimal risk of severe side effects

Best Research and Studies Involving CBD for Cats

CBD is still a new product, and preliminary research suggests there could be great potential. To date, CBD research in animals has focused primarily on seizure control and pain reduction. In 2018, Cornell University published a study that showed a significant decrease in pain with no observable side effects on a group of pets who suffered from chronic seizures.

Studies thus far are quite impressive, but it’s still always a good idea to consult your vet when giving something new to your feline friend.

Our Criteria For Choosing the Absolute Best Cat Treats

When it comes to sorting through hundreds of different brands and a whole slew of products to pick out the best cat treats, there’s quite a bit to look at.

That’s why we’ve boiled down our ratings to focus around a few crucial criteria:

Ingredient Quality

Based on the four brands listed above, having high-quality ingredients has become an expectation every pet owner should look for. Always seek organic ingredients containing non-GMOs or additives.

Your pet may have specific allergies to certain ingredients. Luckily, all these brands list out their ingredients in full detail, so make sure to adhere to that before giving your pet these treats.

Brand Reputation

Knowing where and who you buy from should be a priority for any pet owner looking for the best treats. Look for brands like the ones listed above — they value transparency in what they put in their products, but many brands also educate their consumers on what the products are and why they should consider them.

Deals & Incentives

The best part about being a customer is that you get to sit back and enjoy the competition for your dollar. Wait until you find the best deal for your wallet and your kitty, then examine your cat’s reaction to them to determine whether a different brand might be better. Over time, your cat may become loyal to one brand over another, but try the most reputable brands to start. It may save you tons later.

Shopping Experience

If shopping causes you to stress, you’re not alone. The brands listed above have excellent customer service representatives that make the shopping experience lovely.

Since your cat can’t taste-test the treats before purchasing, consider going with a brand that has a good return policy. If your kitty isn’t a fan, you can send the treats back and get your money back. All of the brands we mentioned have a 30-day return policy with no questions asked.

Get The Most Value

Use this article as a checklist when deciding which CBD treats to get for your cat. From sweet deals to nutritious ingredients, it is best to consider all aspects of a brand. A company may offer everything you’re looking for, but they do not have a good value if they charge an excessively high amount. Keep in mind that getting a good bang for your buck is part of what makes the best cat treats so good!

What Ingredients Make Up the Best Cat Treats?

When it comes to cat treats, keep it simple. Look for natural ingredients made with chicken, lamb, turkey, salmon, or tuna. Any whole meat is a great sign your cat treats are made with good, quality ingredients. Make sure your cat gets plenty of amino acids to keep it purring.

Another unique type of ingredient to distinguish for your cat’s treats is natural vs. artificial ingredients. We’re going to sniff out those differences below!

Natural vs. Artificial ingredients

HolistaPet and Pet Hemp Company both use all-natural ingredients, excluding certain additives that can be quite harmful to your feline friend. Here are some artificial ingredients to avoid:

  • Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Artificial colors
  • Synthetic flavors
  • Unnatural preservatives
  • Grain


So we’ve listed out the bad stuff; now, what superfoods should your cat’s treats be jam-packed with? Well, HolistaPet and Pet Hemp Company use peas and salmon in their ingredients, which is among a new wave of holistic options your pets will thrive on.

Similarly, Joy Pet’s CBD cat treats are made with natural, whole poultry meats. This addition allows for each of their treats to carry a protein punch.

And through the popular Diamond CBD cat treats, your furry beast will temper down with all-natural ingredients. Like the other brands, much of Diamond CBD’s selection contains unique vegetables like kale and carrots, all of which will benefit your cat’s health.

Beneficial Ingredients: CBD?

Yes, CBD is among the ingredients that will surely benefit your cat. Everybody needs a pick-me-up from time to time, your cat included. Rest easy knowing the CBD treats you purchase will directly enhance your kitty’s life. Besides easing stress and reducing pain or inflammation, most CBD treats are very nutritious, so they’ll surely help regulate your cat’s long-term diet.

How Many CBD Treats Should You Give Your Cat?

We recommend a dosage of 2-4 mg of CBD per 10 pounds for cats. This dosage is twice the amount recommended for dogs because cats have fewer cannabinoid receptors than their canine counterparts.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best healthy cat treats can be a task few owners consider. But once you find the right one, you can greatly benefit the life of your pet. These four brands listed above— HolistaPet, Pet Hemp Company, Joy Pets CBD, and Diamond CBD — are all excellent brands to introduce your cat to.

They value authenticity and trust between them and their customers, often allowing you to see what’s in their products before you purchase them and request your money back if your cat doesn’t vibe with the product. Check out some of the cat treats from these brands. Your cat will thank you later!

The reviews and statements published here are those of the sponsor and do not necessarily reflect the official policy, position or views of Observer.

Best Cat Treats: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Product

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