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Animal lover Lena Olson believes veterinarians are the bridge between humans and pets, and she wants to be that bridge.

“Veterinarians are the essential link between humans and the power of animals to improve life. I know that I should combine my intellect, my keen love of animals, and my deep connection with people to make the world a better place through veterinary medicine, ”said Lena, whose can-do spirit earned her recognition as one of Colorado’s best and brightest students Springs secured.

“To be selected for this recognition is an incredible honor. I’ve worked so hard through an endless number of obstacles my whole life and it’s very reassuring to be recognized that way. “

The daughter of Jim and Karla Olson, the school and achievement record of the Pine Creek High School graduates, speaks of her passion for engagement. She was President of Pine Creek Sources of Strength from 2018 to 2021 and received an Activity Letter in Sources of Strength

He served on the Superintendent Student Advisory Council of the Academy School District 20 each year from 2019 to 2021. She was President of the Pine Creek Theater and President of the Pine Creek National Honor Society from 2020 to 2021.

During this time she also served as the Colorado State Thespian Officer and Secretary of the American Sign Language Honor Society. In 2021, she was named an International Honor Thespian and received a cumulative GPA of 4.4762.

As a nonprofit advocate, Lena volunteers every week at Destinacions Equine Therapy LLC, a center for equine therapy and rescue. Here she guides clients in equine therapy and yoga on horses in order to create connections between client and horse in order to promote communication skills, trust and similar mechanisms for the encounter with the world.

“I see people from military veterans with severe post-traumatic stress disorder to children from broken households to problematic marriages who have been fully rehabilitated through contact with animals. Animals provide a safe, judgment-free space for all humans, including those who are in emotional or physical turmoil. They comfort us as they lead us out of our comfort zone and into real growth, ”said Lena.

As a thespian officer for Colorado State, Lena represented theater students across the country. “My biggest contribution to this service was creating a COVID-safe, virtual version of the Colorado Thespian Conference that would bring about 5,000 students to Denver for a weekend workshop in a typical year,” said Lena.

This fall, Lena will be studying biology on the pre-veterinary pathway at New York University. After all, she would like to do a doctorate in veterinary medicine and open her own practice.

Lena’s career choice as a veterinarian doesn’t surprise PCHS College career advisor Stephanie Cornelio, who has known the teenager for years, and her desire to help pet owners and their pets lead healthy lives.

“Even when Lena was five years old, she knew that she wanted to become a veterinarian. She is a courageous and caring leader, just the kind of person we need in today’s competitive world. I have no doubt that she will succeed in her endeavors, but I wish she would consider a career in politics – Lena is so influential as a leader, ”said Cornelio.

From her challenges and personal needs, Lena learned that every moment is a gift that is worth celebrating and thanked mom, dad and three brothers for their support. “I would also like to thank my vocal trainer Ruth Schubarth, who gives me a lot of courage and taught me that I really am limitless,” said Lena.

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