Benghazi veterinary hospital offers advanced care

Benghazi has opened a new veterinary hospital

LOCATION: Benghazi, Libya

Al-Rawasi Hospital for Veterinary Medical Services

offers animals advanced medical treatment

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) VETERINARIAN, WALEED TANDEERA, SAYING:”In our society people treat animals as if they are members of their family, they worry about them, and get sad. Some say this culture does not exist in Libya, no, it greatly exists. Honestly, the humanitarian aspect exists, and it makes you do whatever you can to save the animals.”

Pet owners no longer have to take their pets to hospitals in other cities

to receive proper medical care

The center also offers free treatment for stray animals


“X-ray machines and blood testing machines are now available; we didn’t have this in Benghazi. We had doctors coming from the western side to check horses, which put an extra cost on us.”

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