Benedict Cumberbatch’s Health Issues Filming ‘The Power Of The Dog’

Benedict Cumberbatch revealed that he suffered nicotine poisoning while filming.

For his upcoming role in The Power of the Dog, an adaptation of Thomas Savage‘S western novel, Benedict turns into Phil Burbank, a charismatic ranch owner.

According to the novel, Benedicts Character is versatile: “a great reader, a taxidermist, skilled at plaiting rawhide and horsehair, a solver of chess problems, a blacksmith and metalworker, a collector of arrowheads (even making arrowheads yourself with more skill than any Indian)”

“… a banjo player, a good writer, a builder of haystacks from beaver chutes, a lively conversationalist.”

To prepare for the role, Benedict learned similar skills that Phil equipped and stayed in character.

“If someone forgot on the first day and called me Benedict, I wouldn’t move, ”he said.

His character smoked a large number of cigarettes that were “perfectly rolled with one hand”.

In an interview with esquire, Benedict told the publication that he had also learned how to do it and smoked just as much.

“That was really tough,” he says. “Filterless Rollies, just take one shot at a time. I poisoned myself with nicotine three times. If you have to smoke a lot, it’s really awful. ”

Not only did his health suffer, but also his hygiene. Cumberbatch‘s character hasn’t washed up due to deeply ingrained considerations in the past, so Benedict followed.

“I wanted that stink layer on me. I wanted the people in the room to know how I smell. It was difficult, however. This was not only the case during rehearsals. I wanted to go out to eat and meet Jane’s friends and all. I was a little embarrassed by the cleaning lady in the place where I lived. “

Directed by Jane Campion, the film appears to be an interesting exploration of toxic masculinity, homophobia, and sexual frustration.

The film will be shown on November 19th.

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