Bellevue household seeks justice after discovering their lacking canine useless

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LANSING, me. (WILX) – A Bellevue family searches for answers after finding their missing dog dead.

“He was very protective of the girls, would follow us anywhere,” said owner Amanda Force.

Denver was rescued from the Calhoun County animal shelter back in 2018.

“He was emaciated. You could see his bones. He had really bad kennel cough, ”said Force.

Force and her girls nursed Denver back to health, and Denver became a member of the family.

“He would let me lay my head on him,” said 8-year-old Hazil.

Force said he was extremely loyal.

“I would be in my kayak in our pond and he would swim after me and try to get into the kayak with me. That dog was so loyal, ”said Force.

Because of that loyalty, when Force said he went missing on June 28, she knew he could not have run away.

“I thought something was wrong with my dog. “I called my friends to help me look for him. We saddled the horses and went into the woods and looked. I went to my church and we printed out some posters and I drove everywhere and posted flyers for him, ”Force said.

Searching for six months and later looking for posters, they finally got a tip.

“Take care of a certain place as if it were ten miles from here. It’s in the middle of a field by a mud pit on the fence. Look for him out there, “Force says in the message.

Right where they suggested it, they found Denver buried in a shallow hole and shot in the head.

“We found his collar. It just adds up. I knew he wasn’t going to run away, ”said Force.

You are still grieving and heartbroken. Time is healing, but it’s too early.

Now that you’ve found it, they’re closed. But what the family really wants is answers and justice.

“I think he deserves justice. It wasn’t right for it to be taken out like this, ”Force said.

Michigan State Police say this is still an open investigation, so they cannot comment on the case, but it has been sent to the Eaton County Attorney’s Office for review.

If you want to keep up with this case, you can follow Justice for Denver on Facebook.

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