Basingstoke couple launch new dog biscuits

A COUPLE from Basingstoke started a natural dog snack business after a dog was found sick of substandard processed food snacks.

Gary and Danielle Clarkson, who live in Kempshott with their three dogs Ralph, Basil and Preston, started Dogglebox.

They used their knowledge and passion in finding high quality, natural dog snacks for their own pets to start the monthly subscription service that delivers traditional dog snacks to customers’ homes.

Gary said: “It all started years ago when our German Shepherd Ralph had a sensitive stomach. I thought it was his food at first. But it turned out that it was his goodies that were causing the problem. I really struggled to find good quality alternatives. Treats were often imported, did not meet DEFRA standards and had long lists of ingredients – I didn’t even know half of them.

“When we finally found more natural and traditional goodies like dehydrated rabbit ears, pig snouts and chicken feet, it made a huge difference to Ralph’s health. But when we spoke to other dog owners, they assumed it would be hard work and expensive to find such goodies.

“We hope Dogglebox will make it easier for dogs to find a variety of natural, healthy dog ​​treats that are good value for money and improve the health and happiness of our four-legged friends.”

Each box contains around 20 goodies and costs £ 21.99 per month for a subscription.

Further information can be found at:

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