Basic ‘boy will get canine’ story with Chilly Conflict twist

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Sunday morning UK News Briefing: Today’s top headlines from The Telegraph

Welcome to your early morning The Telegraph press conference – a recap of the top stories we’ll cover on Sunday. To receive briefings by email twice a day, subscribe to our free newsletter on the home page. 1. Lord Frost calls on the EU to stop sulking about Brexit and to be successful. Brussels must stop sulking over Britain’s decision to leave the European Union and work to make Brexit a success, said Boris Johnson’s European advisor. Lord Frost says the EU should “shake off any remaining ill will towards us to leave sovereign equals and instead build a friendly relationship”. Read the full story. 2. The Duchess of Sussex “named all of the PR footage,” royal sources say. The Duchess of Sussex “called all recordings” when it came to managing her own media by Oprah Winfrey three years ago. Several royal sources have told The Telegraph that the 39-year-old former actress was “in full control” of her media interviews and had developed personal relationships not only with Ms. Winfrey but also with other powerful industry insiders such as Vogue editor Edward Enninful. Read the full story. 3. Be concerned that student quick-result tests will give too many false positives. Children may be mistakenly kept out of school as there is a risk that the “majority” of positive cases detected by the government’s side flow tests could be “false positives,” experts warned. Ministers distributed 57 million of the tests to schools in England when Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday declared classroom reopening a “truly national effort to fight this virus”. Read the full story. 4. Nigel Farage gives up politics – and this time he thinks Brexit is over – and so does Nigel Farage. The former leader of the British Independence Party and the Brexit Party, recognized by even his fiercest critics as the most influential politician in the past two decades, has left politics for good. And this time it’s forever. In an interview with the Chopper’s Politics podcast this weekend, Farage announced that he is stepping down as leader of the Reform Party and turning his back on politics after three decades of political street fighting. Read the full story. 5. Tony Blair dismissed pandemic fears as “panpanic” and took “minimum” measures to prepare for the flu crisis. Tony Blair dismissed fears of a coronavirus crisis as “panpanic” when he was Prime Minister, admitting that he would try to “do the minimum” we could with the minimum of fuss “to prepare. The former Labor Prime Minister, who now heads a number of nonprofits, has received praise for the way his ideas about government policy have become in dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. Read the full story. Stay up to date with the latest news and politics from The Telegraph throughout the day.