Basepaws Cat DNA test on sale: Save $40

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Save $ 40: Learn about your cat with the Basepaws Cat DNA Test, available for $ 40 off September 27th. Use code CATDAY at checkout to get one for $ 89 – a 31% discount – and get a free dental health report as a bonus.

Dog owners tend to get all the love – and the best pet products. From dog-specific pet technology to dog DNA testing, there are so many options for people with puppies, but not nearly as many for people with feline friends.

Cat People: You’re not very unlucky. The Basepaws Cat DNA Test gives you the breed and health information that many canine DNA tests offer, so you can live your best life as a cat parent. It’s also available for $ 40 off September 27 using the code CATDAY and includes a free dental report with purchase. This listing is only available at Basepaws – the same DNA kit is available on Amazon at the regular price ($ 129).

OK, your cat may not * love * it, but it will be worth it.
Credit: Basepaws

The Basepaws kit tracks your cat’s DNA in more than 21 breed types and four different breed regions. Although purebred cats are relatively rare, the Basepaws test can help you find out which breeds are most genetically similar so you can find out if your cat is closest to a Maine Coon, Russian Blue, Siamese, or any other breed. There is also an exotic cat test that checks if your cat has common roots with Savannah cats, Bengal cats, or Egyptian Maos.

In addition to breed identification, Basepaws offers genetic health marker tests. The health section of this kit evaluates 38 different genetic markers and informs you about the mutation carrier status and predisposition to 16 diseases.

We know your cat is the real royalty of your home, so learn more about their ancestors – and get vital information about their health – with a Basepaws DNA kit. Until September 30th, you can use code CATDAY to get one for $ 89 and receive a free dental kit with purchase.

Save $ 40 and Get a Free Dental Health Report at Basepaws

Credit: Basepaws

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