Basepaws Adds Over 80 Genetic Markers To Its Cat DNA Test

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THE ANGEL, November 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Basepaws, inventor of the world’s first Breed + Health Cat home DNA test and a leading innovator in biotechnology for animal health, announced today that it is its flagship product with over 80 new genetic health and trait markers has updated. In total, the Basepaws test will now search for over 120 markers and provide pet parents with health and traits that no other direct-to-consumer (D2C) test offers more value and security.

“Basepaws is proud to offer the most comprehensive cat DNA test on the market,” said Yuliana Mihaylova, Ph.D., Basepaws director of research and development. “The features included in this upgrade will improve pet owners’ understanding of their cats and provide them with actionable knowledge that they can share with their veterinarian to plan individual, timely care that will improve the health and wellbeing of their loved ones Companions optimized. ”

The updated digital report for Basepaws Cat DNA Test includes the following:

  • Over 70 known genetic health markers in cats, including new markers for ophthalmic disease in cats and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), the most common type of heart disease in cats;
  • Genetic markers for blood type. Knowing a cat’s blood type can be helpful in the cat breeding process and aid in life-saving medical decisions, such as: B. when a cat needs an emergency blood transfusion;
  • Over 50 fun and exciting genetic trait markers. With this update, pet parents will learn some of the genes and mutations that are responsible for their cats’ unique physical appearance.
  • An analysis of a cat’s DNA sample against the 21 different pedigree breeds in the Basepaws Reference Panel, part of the world’s largest cat DNA database, to help cat parents better understand their cat’s breed composition;
  • Results from the very first Basepaws Cat Dental Health Test, which identifies a cat’s risk for periodontal disease, tooth resorption and bad breath. Findings include specific home dental recommendations for pet parents and tips for improving their cat’s diet and overall health.

Anyone buying a Basepaws Breed + Health Cat DNA test after November 15, 2021 will contain the updated features. Existing customers can purchase an updated version of the report for a small fee (the upgrade is free for existing Basepaws Whole Genome Test customers). Over time, the company will also release upgrades for additional markers discovered through its in-house research program.

Basepaws is a leader in cat health, offering genetic and dental health tests at home with digital results available within weeks.

Introduced in 2018, Basepaws Breed + Health Home Cat DNA Test was the first of its kind. It is designed to provide pet owners with the tailored information they need to meet their cats’ unique needs and that is proactive Support care planning with your veterinarian.

Visit to learn more about this breakthrough technology that is helping pet parents take care of their cats.

SOURCE Basepaws

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