AVMA unveils new “Language of Veterinary Care” online tools and breakthrough research

These resources will improve personal connections and communication between veterinarians and customers, educate pet owners about the need to prioritize wellness visits, and much more.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has released the Language of Veterinary Care, a suite of comprehensive new online tools designed to help veterinarians effectively communicate the value of animal prevention and the importance of wellness visits to animal parents.

According to a release from the organization, these resources emphasize personal connections and improved communication by allowing veterinarians to use “language that works” when talking to clients about why and when to go to the vet, the various available Services and the cost of care.

“Pet owners want to do what is best for their animals,” said José Arce, DVM, President of AVMA, in the press release. “Our goal is to help our members get in better contact with their customers so that pet owners regularly bring their animals for examinations and follow the recommendations of their vets. Improved communication can also help alleviate some of the pressures veterinarians, clinic staff and pet owners are currently facing due to the pandemic. “

Although the majority of pet owners receive regular veterinary care and trust their veterinarian, research by AVMA has found that many owners still do not have regular veterinary care for their pets. The main reasons cited were the affordability and perception challenges, according to the press release.

To overcome these hurdles, AVMA teamed up with a language strategy firm to investigate how veterinary teams can better connect with customers. The study provided insights from pet owners regarding their communication preferences and what appeals to them most during visits – their valued relationships and personal care. With support from Synchrony, CareCredit and Pets Best Insurance Services products, AVMA is currently developing a range of content available to its members to translate this research into actionable information for veterinary use.

“Language is important and we are excited to support this initiative to help veterinarians convey the importance of wellness care in a way that resonates with pet owners,” said Boo Larsen, general manager Veterinary Medicine at Synchrony .

“We are very excited to sponsor this groundbreaking study as the focus is on building stronger communication between veterinarians and their customers to support personalized referrals and trusting relationships. This fits in perfectly with our commitment to strengthening the vet / client / patient bond by embedding cost and financial decisions into the relationship to keep the focus on pet care, ”she added.

“We are grateful to Synchrony for helping to bring this far-reaching and thorough research into the spotlight and to support these groundbreaking new initiatives that benefit animals, customers and veterinarians alike,” commented Arce.


A groundbreaking new language in veterinary medicine research shows that pet owners value relationship and personal attention when interacting with veterinary teams. Press release. 09/20/2021; American Veterinary Association. Retrieved September 20, 2021. [email].

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