Association of Shelter Veterinarians – April 21, 2022


Annual member reception, April 21, 2022, Chicago


dr Janet Scarlett

Meritorious Service Award
dr Janet Scarlett (Michigan State ’72), Freeville, New York. dr Scarlett is a professor emerita of epidemiology at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. During her tenure, she established and served as director of the Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell.

dr  Cecedr Shirene Cece

Veterinarian of the Year
dr Shirene Cece (Michigan State ’81), Detroit. dr Cece is director of forensic medicine at Michigan Humane Society. During her career of more than 30 years at Michigan Humane, she has served as clinic veterinarian, director of shelter medicine, and medical director.


dr  Ink pendr Lucy Fuller

Drs. Lucy Fuller, Charleston, South Carolina, president; Lena DeTar, Ithaca, New York, vice president; Erin Katribe, Richmond, Texas, secretary; Barbara Kompare, Chicago, assistant secretary; Jennifer Bolser, Thornton, Colorado, treasurer; Staci Kehir, Fair Play, South Carolina, assistant treasurer; and Chumkee Aziz, Pearland, Texas, immediate past president

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