Assist wanted after canine left for useless within the streets of Mexico

TUCSON (KVOA) – A dog left for dead on the streets of Mexico is given a second chance in life.

Sawyer was found near starvation and suffering from tick fever in Hermosillo. Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue (SOLR) helped him get into a nursing home and get him back to health. He went from skin and bones to a happy, healthy pup.

It looked like a happy ending for the lab when he was adopted. But after just a few days with his new family, Sawyer was struck by another tragedy – he suddenly could no longer walk.

SOLR took Sawyer back and pledged to help him. His vet says he has a systemic infection in his spinal fluid and spinal bones. Doctors will need to treat the infection and then do more tests to determine what is causing Sawyer’s disease. He has a special diet to make sure his medication doesn’t upset his stomach. Sawyer recovers in a nursing home but is not allowed to move, which is a difficult task for any laboratory.

Sawyer’s vet bills have already exceeded $ 2,000, and that number is expected to at least triple. SOLR is trying to raise funds to cover its veterinary bills. The rescue group is hosting a virtual walk for Sawyer on February 27th. You can donate even if you are not participating in the Walk-a-Thon.

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