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Teamwork is required to keep animals healthy. As the owner, you are an important part of this team. If you know something is wrong with your pet, rely on your veterinarian, and your veterinarian in turn will work as part of a larger team of veterinarians.

Being a well-informed participant in caring for your pet means continuing education, understanding the importance of preventive care, and knowing when to consult your veterinarian and how to work with the veterinary team. It also means understanding all of the issues your veterinarian can help with – not just taking care of sick and injured animals, but also advising you on your pet’s diet, behavior, weight and exercise, and much more.

Your vet

You can rest assured that your veterinarian and team will help you keep your pet healthy, treat them when they’re sick or injured, and provide science-based advice on all aspects of pet care and your loving relationship.

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