Arlesey vet appeals for home for rescue cat Charlie

A poor cat rescued from death row by a veterinarian is looking for a home forever.

Charlie was rescued from a charity by veterinarian Jo Ditzel, who lives in Arlesey, after he was diagnosed with FIV – the feline version of HIV – and due to be put to sleep.

Jo, a senior lecturer in veterinary medicine at the College of Animal Welfare, is going to travel for a year and so cannot keep Charlie.

She is looking for the perfect home for four-year-old Charlie, who likes to play and sleep with his toys, but cannot leave the house or mix with other cats due to his condition.

Jo has promised to keep in touch with Charlie’s future owners because of his ongoing health problems and to help with the cost of any treatment that may be required.

She said, “I’ve met a lot of cats in my job, but none of them are like Charlie. He is so loving and uncomplicated. He loves hugs and throws himself at you to cuddle. He’s just the best tomcat anyone could ask for and loves nothing more than snuggling up on your lap.

“Because of his health, he needs a very special home, so we’re looking for the perfect person to adopt or even look after for a year until we return from our travels.

“We’re open to meet and greet, but once you meet Charlie, you’re guaranteed to fall in love.”

Call Jo at 07518 358685 or email for more information.

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