Arizona Coyotes adopts new service canine

Community Cares: Arizona Coyotes Adopts New Service Dog

The Arizona Coyotes Hockey Club has partnered with National Assistance Dogs Inc. (NADI) to adopt a service dog.

Bravery the Golden Retriever will call the Coyotes family its own while helping to raise awareness of nonprofits and the work they do to provide physical and spiritual assistance to all those in need, especially veterans.

The three year old retriever is the newest addition to the pack. Its owner Taylor Campbell works for the team.

“I think it’s great that we can show the community that it’s physical and mental [health] that these dogs can help us, “said Campbell.

Bravery’s main job will be to raise awareness of NADI.

“These dogs bring independence, they bring a different soul into your life that will always show you respect,” said a NADI representative. “Instead of constantly asking someone to pick up your dropped pen or get you your shirt, your dog will and he will love to do it.”

The service puppy trained for three years.

“Everything from ‘sit down’, ‘stay’ and then … his training in the last phase was more mobility, the PTSD work, so we all train our dogs with all of these skills,” said the NADI spokesman.

His skills are already being used in the office and with fans, whom he is eagerly awaiting and whom he greets during the games.

“Bravery is such a cute, funny person,” said its owner. “He can be calm and be there for you to pet him, and he can play a tug of war and run around.”

Bravery will also play a special role in charitable projects, support the foundation with hospital and school visits, and much more. Fans can follow Bravery’s story on the Arizona Coyotes Foundation’s social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

A few years ago, the ice hockey team also helped train Luna, a service dog that was staying with a veteran. It just so happens that Bravery graduated from the same class as Luna to become an Official NADI Service Dog!

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