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India’s official death toll tops 200,000. Experts say the real number is much higher.

India’s COVID-19 death toll rose to over 200,000 on Wednesday as the country set another daily global case record. Note: Medical experts and members of Indian opposition parties say the real death toll and number of cases are much higher, as Prime Minister Narendra denies indicting Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Janata party. Receive market news worthy of your time at Axios Markets. Subscribe for free. By the numbers: The Indian Ministry of Health reported a record of 360,960 new coronavirus cases, bringing the number to nearly 18 million since the pandemic began. An additional 3,293 deaths were recorded, bringing the official toll to 201,187. The York Times investigation published Tuesday found “increasing evidence” that deaths are “overlooked or downplayed”. Local medical workers said officials were concerned about creating a “panic,” the NYT reports. University of Michigan epidemiologist Bhramar Mukherjee, who was closely following the pandemic in India, told the Times, “From all the models we’ve run, we believe the real death toll is two to five times the reported number . “What they say: Ramanan Laxminarayan, director of the New Delhi Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Politics, told CNN on Tuesday,” It is common knowledge that both the case numbers and the death rate are under-count, it has always been so “Last year we estimated that only one in about 30 infections was tested for, so the cases reported represent a serious underestimation of the actual infections. This time around, the fatality numbers are likely grossly underestimated, and what we’re seeing on the ground are far more deaths than officially reported. “LaxminarayanThe big picture: Hospitals across the country are overwhelmed with coronavirus patients amid widespread oxygen shortages and sluggish introduction of vaccines. Indian Medical Association Vice President Navjot Dahiya called Modi a” super-spreader “on Monday because he did According to Tribune India held “major political rallies” for the state elections earlier this month. This is the reason for the deaths of many patients in all parts of the country as several projects to install the oxygen are still pending, “he said. What to watch out for: Aid has come to India from abroad, notes Channel News Asia. The United States is one of the countries that ship essential goods. President Biden told reporters at the White House on Tuesday, “I think we will be able to … share vaccines and expertise with other countries that are really in need.” Go deeper: The US is sending India -Deliveries when the country faces a spike in COVID. Editor’s Note: This article has been continuously updated with new details. More from Axios: Sign up to receive the latest market trends with Axios Markets. Subscribe for free